Vixum - The Virtual Eye
Vixum - The Virtual Eye

This project has already launched.

The estimated number of people visually impaired in the world is 285 million, 39 million blind and 246 million having low vision; The main idea of this project is to build glasses which will help those people to overcome the barrier of blindness and work and live like normal people. This will be done by using novel deep learning algorithms and techniques which be integrated into real glasses which will function as their virtual eye. We’re naming this products as Vixum.
Major Functionalities that the product will provide.
1. Object and Hindrance Detection. (For the sake of avoiding collision.)
2. Scene Detection (Will detect scene and user will be able to know what’s going on around him)
3. Vehicle Detection (Will help blind and visually impaired people in crossing Road by
guiding them in real time to save them from accidents.)
4. Optical Character Recognition (Glasses will be able to read text user pointed to. Also will be able to read Mobile Screens like SMS, Whatsapp messages, Instagram and Facebook newsfeed and Newspaper.)
5. Self-Learning (will learn architecture of home and guide accordingly. Also, will be able to learn where a blind person left his one of the basic goods.)
6. Navigate users using maps (Will also be able to learn the places user usually visit and guide them accordingly.)
7. Currency Note Recognition (Will help in recognizing and counting currency notes to save them from fraud.)
8. Face Recognition (Will memorize the faces of people user usually meet.)
9. Date and Time Detection (Alerts will also be generated on said time.)
10. Voice commands (User will be able to give commands using his voice.)
11. Gesture Commands (User will be able to give commands using gestures.)

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