Vital Bags
Vital Bags

Vital Bags are designed for those who want the functionality of a backpack and the look of a professional.

Vital Bags began in early 2014 with the intent to provide people with great backpacks. As designers and businessmen, we set out to create a bag that inspired style and simplicity, while promoting professionalism. We like attractive things and we like simple things. Vital Bags brings you both, as it was designed with the minimalist in mind. 

We designed the backpacks to be made of a high-quality wool + felt blend and leather. The two come together to give a look that bridges the gender gap and can be appreciated in both a casual and professional setting. 

While looking good on the outside, the backpack offers two great ways to access what you need on the inside. A zipper by the straps makes it simple to slide your tablet or laptop in and out or turn the bag sideways to open it like you would a briefcase for full access to a simple, functional, and durable interior. 

The design process began with simple sketches of all details that would be incorporated into the design of the bag. After our team agreed on a design, the prototyping process began. 

We made our own prototypes to test out size, design, and functionality. After deciding on all design factors, we drew our production diagram to allow a manufacturer to produce our bags. 


At this point, we need your pledge to obtain the funds necessary for supplies and to fulfill our manufacturers minimum order requirements to get our bags made. 

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