Vision Live Entertainment Venue
Vision Live Entertainment Venue

This project has already launched.

Scroll all the way through this content to get an understanding of where Vision has been and where we want to go! How can you be a part of it? 

VISION SUMMARY: Vision is an entertainment company. Currently, our main platforms are video and web, although we would like to be involved in much more. We love too many different types of industries, artistic genres, and people for us to choose just one.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide a platform for visionaries from various walks of life who have a passion towards a particular skill(s). Whether it be art, music, technology, health & wellness, etc. we want you to be a part of our collaborative and creative efforts. We want people to be able to hone their skill(s) and master their craft(s) and believe this is possible with a person’s true passion being their daily and life’s work. Most importantly though, a person letting passion guide them will be as happy and fulfilled as they can be. This is our community; this is our Vision. We strive to “make it real” every day and want you to know you have the power to make it, whatever it is, real too.

VIDEO PLATFORM: Where we've been

The founder of Vision, Mark Grismanauskas', love for making videos started at a young age. At 14, he was making videos for Michinima and his YouTube channel, KillPie, has over 3.4 millions views. Check out "Gaming: A Song for Gamers" below published in 2010. Mark says, "This platform allowed me to create gaming related stories and content before I had a chance to study arts technology at Illinois State University where I fell in love with it." The first Vision video was The Way Down Wanderers' "Path to follow" created in 2014. Since then, numerous videos including music/performance videos and interviews have been created and shared. 



"Gaming: A Song for Gamers" Description:

Gamer/Rapper Euee raps about his lifestyle as a gamer. 



"Path to Follow" Description: 

Peoria based folk/roots band, The Way Down Wanderers', video for ‘Path to Follow’. Filming location at Six Strings Club in downtown Bloomington, IL. Producer and Director, Mark Grismanauskas.


"Wildfire" Description:

This was filmed in The Way Down Wanderers hometown, Peoria, IL., by Mark Grismanauskas. Filming took place in the backyard of a friend [of the bands’] home. The WDW found the setting fitting because, “the song speaks to the human drive to pursue better things, when really the people and places that are familiar will always pull you back and serve as your source of fulfillment”.


Bassnectar Remix Visualizer Description:

Bassnectar's Magical World, Feeling Good, Butterfly, Lights, and Time-stretch were used for this remix. The nature footage was recorded and then synced visuals were added on top. The visuals were made using MAX/MSP/Jitter and the amplitude of each song.



"ABC's of Hooping" Description:

The hooping alphabet, performed by Michelle Bell. Watch and learn your hooping ABC's today! The music is by Tipper called "Jibber Jabber". A - Antispin B - Breaks C - Cascade... 


"LED WALL" Description:

LED WALL was made using Adunio, MAX/MSP/JITTER, and Xbox Kinect. An interactive environment was created for participants to explore using their bodies as the controller for a fully immersive experience. The Xbox Kinect and synapse was used to receive data from the user that was then sent to MAX/MSP/JITTER. When the users' hands and/or feet reaches a Y coordinate, it communicates with two arduinos behind the walls using maxuino to turns on specific LED lights.



EOTO LIVE Interview Description: 

Interviewed by Erin Riedl, Jason Hann of EOTO, before his set at Summer Camp Music Festival 2015 gives Vision fresh insights on EOTO's life on the road.

Where Are We Going From Here?

Let's review where we've been first! Vision has an established video platform with a web presence. The founder, Mark, is well versed in various areas of arts technology. He also started working for Aisle Rocket Studios as an intern and quickly landed a full time job as a Front End Developer. While at ARS, he worked on videos and other web based projects for Vision outside of his normal working hours.The goal is to create and patten interactive installations like the LED Wall, made by Mark, to fill all Vision venues, which will provide interesting and unique environments. 

Now, what else is new? Vision became a corporation in March 2017. Vision has also gained Kelsi Lockhart, Marketing Director/Co-owner, who comes from a PR/AD & marketing background with 3 years of marketing experience at Keyence Corporation under her belt post graduation from DePaul University (Chicago). 

Now, it's time for expansion! The very first Vision venue/exhibit space/consignment shop, Vision Live, is opening in Chicago (Wicker Park) on August 1st - the same space that was once Mikul Wing's, of Autograf, studio. Vision Live and will host live events of various types including, but not limited to concerts, art exhibits, comedy shows, and performance art events. Musical genres of Vision concerts will vary. From folk/bluegrass to EDM and rap to rock n' roll - Vision welcomes all types of genres. Vision will be open during normal business hours as well and will be stocked with Vision merchandise and consignment goods (artistic pieces).

VENUE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The 1500 square foot venue at 1415 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago (Wicker Park) will truly represent the overall theme of Vision as it will be a dynamic place with multiple purposes (outlets). For example, we would like this space to act as a store, exhibit space, client “meet-up,” bar, and an entertainment venue. The overall floor plan (see below) will be somewhat open-ended, so we can easily rearrange the items in our space to accommodate the event happening at our establishment.

Performance Art Venue Floor Plan:


 Previous Gallery Space:

The Box (previous business) 
The Box (previous business)


This dynamic venue space has been used as a performance venue and art gallery in the past. Vision would like to carry on that same tradition with a new vision. 

Expansion Opportunity at 1415 N. Ashland:

Storefront (Example Only) 
Storefront (Example Only)


This image is of the storefront, connected to the venue, that will be made available for rent to Vision in April 2018. As specified in the lease, Vision will be offered the opportunity to obtain the storefront before any other business. Vision hopes to expand the business at that time.


We will have semi-portable racks and stands for consignment goods and merchandise. We will have glass cases up to display consignment goods such as jewelry (see example below). Some our own merchandise will include t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and stickers. Our merchandise will be displayed and for sale during most operating hours including live events. Vending space will also be available for rent at some of our events. 

Cody Cantrall Wire Wrap 
Cody Cantrall Wire Wrap

What Do We Need?

We need some financial help to "kickstart" us. Currently, we are working with the City of Chicago to obtain the proper licenses for live events and to sell liquor. We will be represented by a Chicago based attorney's office regarding our proposal to locate and establish a 'Public Place of Amusement' (PPA permit)  at our venue, which is located within a Liquor Moratorium (prohibition) District. Both Vision team members - in conjunction with a representative from the attorney's office - will meet with Alderman Brian Hopkins to discuss the our permit options and about obviating the liquor moratorium. This process alone will cost us upwards of $20,000. 

We just want to entertain and make people happy. At the same time, we want to bring visionaries together to share ideas and flourish to their full potential. The attorney and license fees are simply out of our budget, which is why we are here on Kickstarter asking you to support our vision. We have made many connections and have concerts lined up for August already. Help us take the plunge! 

Vision Flag (see 'Vision Ambassador Pledge Package') - Kelsi Lockhart (Left), Mark Grismanauskas (Right) 
Vision Flag (see 'Vision Ambassador Pledge Package') - Kelsi Lockhart (Left), Mark Grismanauskas (Right)

MERCH REWARDS FOR SUPPORTING VISION: See the 'Pledge' options for more details

Vision Stickers 
Vision Stickers


Vision T-Shirt 
Vision T-Shirt

Where to Next?

We hope to expand across the country and, eventually, internationally opening various types of Vision establishments that will range from music venues to amusement parks to offices. Ever expanding our client base, as advertising specialists, our goal is to represent all of our clients in the best light through various channels. We understand the importance of working hard and also the importance of fulfilling our dreams. We are asking for your support in making our vision a reality at just the very beginning of our journey. Now ask yourself, "What's my vision?". Once you have the answer to that question - hold on tight, go for it, and make it real.  

Check out our videos and be on the look out for upcoming events at

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