Virtual Terrain Simulator
Virtual Terrain Simulator

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We need your help to make our project a success!

We're a group of four Mechanical Engineering Technology students at The University of Maine. With the help of Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) lab we have been carefully designing this project for the past six months. The University of Maine has also helped by granting us full access to the labs that we need. 


Virtual Terrain Simulator (3D model)


The Virtual Terrain Simulator (also known as the VTS system) is a system that allows an individual to experience different types of ground surfaces throughout their virtual reality exploration. As you make your way through the VR world you will be able to feel the softness of the ground change beneath your feet. This has been made possible by pneumatic bladders that are precisely monitored by our Arduino system. Each bladder has a hexagon plate attached to the top allowing it to manipulate different sections of the floor. The floor will be designed to be used on and off of a motion platform. The motion platform was previously a successful Kickstarter project designed by a group of Mechanical Engineers from the University of Maine in 2015.


Virtual Reality Motion Platform (Kickstarter 2015)


Motion Platform Kickstarter:

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