Virtual Reality MORPG - Redemption's Guild
Virtual Reality MORPG - Redemption's Guild

This project has already launched.

 Redemption's Guild is a Virtual Reality Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MORPG) for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (PSVR*). We feel like the future of gaming is Virtual Reality, and with Redemption's Guild not only are we one of the first to bring a RPG to VR but we are setting the standard higher than ever before. How are we doing that? Well it starts with wanting to create a game that feels like an MMORPG but plays like a co-op RPG. 

What that means for you is countless ways to customize your character and play with your friends! Want to play a rogue who wields a dagger in each hand, finishing off his foes with finesse and poison, or perhaps the elementalist that draws on the power of his tome to reign chaos upon his enemies, you choose.

Classes & Subclasses | At launch there will be 6 classes to choose between each of which can be leveled to 20. You will have the option to switch your class or subclass while inside the Tavern. Each class will feature it's own loadout where you can change it's armor, weapons, and skills. Once you progress further toward max level, you will unlock subclasses. These subclasses allow you to specialize in a certain area of your class and unlock more abilities.

Knight- Sword and Shield 
Elementalist - Tomes and Magic 
Ranger - Master of the Bow 
Cleric - Staff and Heals 
Berzerker - Greatsword 
Rogue - Deadly Dual Wielder
More classes are planned and will release with future expansions!

Game Modes | There are three game modes launching with Redemption's Guild:
Adventure - You and your friends will venture into a small open world area where you will complete all sorts of different objectives.
Arena - Can you survive? Use strategy and skill to survive the waves of deadly enemies thrown your way.
Labyrinth - Take on the maze... a set of maps made to test even the most skilled players. Find you way through the maze while surviving the hidden dangers within! The rewards will be worth it!
Expansions will bring new Game Modes in the future!

Tavern | A hub for adventurers to come together and rest. In the Tavern you will be able to change your class and subclass, unlock and assign abilities, switch your equipment, equip cosmetic fluff items, place orders for all sorts of different items, choose a game mode to play, or just hang out and Role Play.

Unlocks | Redemption's Guild is launching with a large amount of unlocks to work toward, some of which include:
Chest Pieces
Cosmetic Items
We have a massive amount of items and content we plan on updating the game with often that will create a constant stream of new things to unlock.

Play How You Want | We wanted to make sure Redemption's Guild is friendly for players of all levels. This way if you are playing with a friend who just started or you want to play a new class, you are free to do so, at any time, without a big disadvantage. Your stats are based purely on your class, subclass, and abilities active and passive. The equipment is all aesthetic. This leaves all the players on a somewhat even playing field. You will have to use your wits, skills, and strategy to take down the challenges found within Redemption's Guild.

Feel free to play whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want!

Perhaps, one of the best parts about this project is the relationship we want to grow with you all. We are trying to bridge the gap between players and how they can interact with the game and company. To do so, we are allowing anyone who backs up Redemption's Guild by donating $250 or more, will be able to create items and designs for the game. 

There is absolutely no art talent needed, just bring your imagination! Our team will work diligently with you to make sure the design is something you are happy with, once it is approved, we will put the designs in game for all to earn!

This kind of rewarding helps build a stronger relationship and allows players to experience what it is like to be a part of a video game company. Not only will you have your ideas for everyone to see, but your names will be placed in the credits.

We want to be as transparent as possible with you on what your hard earned money is going toward. So below you will see a pie chart, it shows the different types of work we need done, and the percentage each area will cost, for the initial goal. 



Risks and challenges

How can you make this game with such a low Kickstarter goal? You must need millions of dollars to make a game like this!

We have a ridiculously talented team and we also have some very generous investors. We have budgeted countless times to make sure we can make this game a reality, and the price we set will get this game into your hands as soon as possible.

Create! Items: There is no guarantee Create! items will be in the launch of the game, it may be added in a future expansion. We will let you know what type of item we need and for what class they are needed for. All Create! items are subject to Unlit Games approval. A contract agreement must be agreed upon before we create your designs, non-agreement will result in a denial of your design. The contract is for Unlit Games to own full rights to all Create! item designs given from our players and backers, we have all the rights to sell and distribute the items with your design in any way the company sees fit, and in any game or product we are a part of.

Unlit Games will only pay up to $1500 dollars in total for all trip expenses. Once the $1500 limit has been spent on the individual who payed $10000 to back up Redemption's Guild, the individual will be responsible for paying the rest of the fees!

*PSVR support may be achieved if we can partner with SONY, SONY approves our game and we meet stretch goals. Even if we hit the Stretch Goal for PSVR we cannot guarantee a PSVR version, and the extra funding will go toward the next stretch goal.
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