LOUDPLAY - cloud gaming and interactive application streaming platform
LOUDPLAY - cloud gaming and interactive application streaming platform

This project has already launched.


Gaming Cloud gives you an opportunity to play any games on low-end PC/Mac. 

Gifts and benefits are described below at the end of the text.


Considering the limited time at your disposal, we have decided to offer you a chance to dialogue with us. A sort of Q and A. Experience has shown that question and answer are more effective in passing on the intended message to an audience. Here are some questions we think you may what to get answers to and our response to them.

Q1. Who are you guys and what rules and borders were you talking about breaking in your video clip?

A1. We are a team of five working for one of the biggest telecoms corporation for almost ten years now. Just like you, we are passionate about computer games and disappointed as well with certain conditions we encounter in it. Take for instance, having to buy expensive games, downloading it, installing it, and finally after a few years a need to upgrade your home PC. Not long ago, it was necessary to buy PlayStation4 just for playing our favourite “Grand Theft Auto 5”.This is what the real world of gaming rules look like.

Q2. What do you intend to do about it?

A2. We've developed new solutions which allow us to launch any of your favourite games in our gaming cloud.You don't have to worry about buying games, installing and so on.

Here you can watch the video with our prototype:

Q3. How does it work?

A3. For a better understanding, we will provide you with a scheme.

You download a small client on your device. It could be a tablet, smartphone, smartTV or a small cheap console, and also PC/Mac. After you have downloaded it, you will see the list of available games. Just click on your game and start playing. Games are delivered to your device as a real-time video stream via internet just as your controller commands deliver to our servers. According to our tests you need 5-10 Mbit bandwidth internet connection and up to 30 ms network latency to our server.

Q4. I'm not sure I have up to 10mb bandwidth internet channel.

A4. If you live in a big city, that won't be a problem at all. Usually there are a lot of developed ISP which offers up to 100mb channel.

Q5. That's fine for cities but I live in a small town far away from a developed network.

A5. You and we know that computer games have made it imperative that home computer hardware must be improved. It was also the same when IPTV appeared. It led to the improvement of internet network.That being said, if we station our server in your small town, your local internet providers will be forced to improve their network because it offers them a cost effective option.

Q6. How much will your service cost and what games can we play here?

A6. The initial cost of service will be around $20 per month. You won't have to buy the game, just rent and play. We will conduct an opinion pool for kickstarter founders and then upload into our cloud the most popular games from the pool. This pool will be conducted every six months.

Q7. It seems like game publishers are already doing well. Why do you think this would be interesting for them?

A7. Unfortunately game developers and publishers lose a huge amount of money to pirates. Our gaming cloud is here to take care of this problem once and for all. No one would have access to game files. We can't do this alone without getting you guys involved. If we unite in millions, publishers and developers looking at their revenues would have no choice but to cooperate with us rather than producing expensive gaming consoles.

Q8. Hmmm! Interesting. What was it you said about virtual reality glasses in video?

A8. We're glad you asked this question. It's one of the exciting aspect of this project. We all are aware of a few examples of very improved virtual glasses that drops you into a new world of virtual reality. It's becoming less and less expensive. We want to work with the most interesting ones as well as game developers to produce loudPlay ready made glasses. These glasses allow you to plug into your old laptops, cheap console or even android cell phone and enjoy your games. You don't need to buy an expensive computer. Now we are preparing a prototype of cheap glasses, which can work with your smartphone and costs 15$.

Q9. Will it work on the same principles?

A9. Yes, games will be launched on our servers, video streams will be delivered to your device with connected glasses. But we're also working on a predictive engine, which compensates for the delay in the network. 

Q10. OK, my last technical question. What about free developers, are you going to support them?

A10. We are confident that free developers will be part of our future. Sure, we will support them and we are going to open the API for them. Every developer can develop their own games, game controllers, virtual glasses, interactive movies and a new kind of advertisement on our platform.

Q11. Yeah. I see you have big plans for the future. What have you got on the ground now and why do you need my money?

A11. Presently, we have a prototype which works perfectly well with PC and MAC via ethernet, WiFi and even LTE. Our test servers are located in our office. We know how to improve a service further. Now we need money to buy more powerful servers to put around the world and then start communicating with publishers.

Q12. Where are you going to put the servers and how much do you need for this?

A12. First of all, we'll put the servers in the data centers of big cities where we have the greatest number of our investors(you guys). Next, in places where there's no good internet network which will improve because of our services.The more money we get the more people and small towns we can cover with our services.

Q13. What do I stand to gain when this project is launched?

A13. This brings us to the core of the matter. We have planned several benefits for you. You can choose from the list of benefits that interest you most.

list of benefits:

(*) - in all kind of benefits you can take part in pool list for the popular games, because you're our team.

$10 - 2 weeks unlimited playing after official start.

$25 - 2 months unlimited playing after official start.

$50 - 2 month playing the new game before official start and 2 months after official start.

$115 - one year unlimited playing.

$295 - !Early bird! (first 100 users). Loudplay ready glasses and one year unlimited playing. ($10 additional to shipping in US, $15 in other countries).

$480 - !Early bird! (first 200 users). Unlimited access to open api for developers.

$650 - 1 year unlimited access to game list. loudPlay ready glasses, Your own design of your LoudPlay applications (any supported device) with mark (developed by “your name”).

$1350 - loudplay ready virtual glasses. Unlimited access to game list. Your name on our website for ages with special thanks.

$2500 - !Early bird! (first 5 users) access to games without time limits. Your design of our website for 3 months. Your photo and name “designed by” your name on our site for ages.

We hope you are convinced by the points we've made to get you to commit. But even if you don't have money, you can help us by tweeting about this project or posting it in your facebook for your friends to see. You will automatically become a part of our team and we will send you our appreciation by email.

Remember this saying friends: here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

We want to help you run faster, so let's get the ball rolling.

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