Virginia the Wolf
Virginia the Wolf


I am Kat (as you can see in the video) and I have been running Virginia the Wolf out of my little flat in London, England for just over a year.

This creative project of transforming ethically sourced animal bones into jewellery and art began after I started collecting bones and skulls back in 2013. 

At first, I was unsure how people would react to what I was doing. My approach to painting and decorating bones for jewellery has never been done before and so it was definitely a risk! But I found that people were not just impressed, but also quite thankful for what I was doing. 

I consider my art a form of recycling, and also pushing boundaries in (taxidermy) and everyday social experiences by using real bones and skulls, things which hold a peculiar stigma our society. 

To be honest, I owe most of the credit of the beauty in my work to nature. Bones and skulls are beautiful in their every form, and the most unique part is how different each bone actually is from another. This is a business which facilitates individualism and interaction. I love working with my customers to build new ideas and designs and I am proud to say the majority of the inspiration I get is filtered through my customers. 

This business is only on the brink of what it could become and I know I am not the only one excited about what I am doing! 

I am looking for £10000 to help fund this next year. 

The first £7000 will go towards renting this said studio where all the processes of this project can be fulfilled in one place and I will have the space to fully explore in the creativity that lies behind Virginia the Wolf. Having a studio will not only allow for me to collaborate with other artists better, but it will also open Virginia the Wolf to the public. I have often been asked by customers to come see the studio, but as I work from home, this is not possible. Having a workspace dedicated to Virginia the Wolf will not only allow for people to come see the products but I will be able to host workshops where anyone can get involved and create their own piece. 

The remaining £3000 will go towards launching this interactive workshop experience at festivals across the UK during the summer. I have confirmed a few festivals where Virginia the Wolf will have a tent of anatomical art, and allow the opportunity for you to get your hands dirty in art too! 

I really need this money to go forward as it is getting harder and harder to keep Virginia the Wolf meeting demand from my little flat. 

I will be forever grateful to any donations large or small as every little bit will help me and this is a great opportunity to get involved in something unique and exciting. 

This is only the beginning and I am super stoked about the enormous possibilities that lie ahead! :)

Love and Growls,

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