Vintage & Second hand clothes
Vintage & Second hand clothes

This project idea started during my travel. I visited a few vintage boutiques in 5 cities in Europe and I came to realize that those boutiques have amazing pieces, that should be shared all around the world. I would like my Ecommerce to connect sellers, boutiques, suppliers and buyers. Sellers will have no start up fees and will be able to sell their vintage items with a percentage fee on the sell.

Functionality of the ECommerce: Sellers will have a profile on the site to be able to sell their items within their location or international. For the shipment options they will be allowed to ship over sea. One interesting option will be for the buyer they could ask to pick up the item if they like to. There is no online startup fee for the particular sellers but there will be a percentage fee of 10% on all sells. The items they add to their shop will be controlled because i would like to keep the site clean and attractive.

For the suppliers and boutiques they will be able to sell their items to all buyers around the world. They will be charged a fee of 20cent for every items added and a fee of 5% for every sell. The good thing is that a lot of boutiques don't have the time and money to run a website and to create traffic to it. Like any other business they still want to sell their items. It will be a good start for those boutiques or suppliers to get into the online selling and if they want to have a private online shop we will design it for them. They will pay a fixed fee or a monthly, depending on the need.

There is no duty charges for vintage or second hand clothing, that are prices under 135$ from the UK to Canada, which is amazing because most of the Canadian buyers don't like to be charge duty. I have a lot of influence in Montreal for fashion buying because I use to own my own store. I built a clientele of 5000 return buyers in a period of 1 year over 2 boutiques.

For the marketing i all ready created a Facebook page and instragram (the instagram has a little bit of traffic and the Facebook is not launched yet).

I would like the investment to be able to get a better computer and good material to approach the different companies and to be able to create more traffic to the site.

Risks and challenges

I would love to tell you that my business has no risk, but unfortunately every business has a risk. The only sure thing is that I am a hard worker that dreams of building something powerful.

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