ViewCAR : A Smart Car for Safe Driving
ViewCAR : A Smart Car for Safe Driving

This project has already launched.

ViewCAR(Smart OBD) is the comprehensive solution for car trouble. With smart functionality, the car ownership experience is made simple. 

The car has become the primary mode of transportation for people all over the world. However, car ownership is tied to a number of responsibilities and worries. Accidents, car maintenance, and insurance are nearly universal concerns for car owners. Car ownership doesn’t need to be this complicated.

ViewCAR is the comprehensive solution for car trouble. By adding smart functionality to your car, the car ownership experience is simplified. Accident? Have your emergency contacted automatically or avoid them completely by receiving safe driving feedback. Car maintenance? Track the status of your car in real-time. Insurance? Receive insurance risk reports for every car you own.

It is natural for parents to worry when their children begin to drive for themselves. Speeding, not wearing a seat belt, forgetting to signal turns and texting while driving all are common driving habits among new drivers.

The ViewCAR application provides safe driving feedback to help new drivers monitor their driving habits. Through this feedback, inexperienced drivers can develop safe driving habits, which will stick with them for a lifetime. 

As a parent, register both yourself and your children as additional users. Parents can track and receive messages in regards to their children's driving time, dangerous driving habits (speeding, sudden stops etc.) and will automatically be alerted if an accident has occurred. 

ViewCAR provides peace of mind to both the driver and their parents.



Make your video accessible in other languages and to deaf and hard-of-hearing backers.

AACN (S.O.S. Alert) Test

1. Speed control  

2. The car has suddenly come to a sudden stop (0 mph)  

3. Pressing the white button (air bag MIL button) simulates an air bag exploding  

4. ViewCAR detects that the air bag has been deployed and the sudden deceleration  

5. In response to these factors, ViewCAR goes into SOS protocol  

6. Emergency message is sent to the designated contact by VDAS

While even the most inexperienced drivers know the fundamental of driving, there is no requirement to learn even the basics of car maintenance when applying for a driver’s license.

By providing comprehensive car diagnostics on their smart phone, drivers can intuitively monitor their car's condition and be alerted when maintenance is necessary.

Through the ViewCAR app, new drivers can learn how to perform routine car maintenance.

The modern family usually has two or more cars. These costly investments are essential to daily life and therefore owners need them to function properly.

Yet, it is extremely difficult to monitor every car that you own. With ViewCAR, keep track of each car’s performance and maintenance needs.

Also, monitor your family’s driving for potential safety risks and always have a family member alerted if there is an accident.

Enable driver to control door lock/unlock, horn, trunk and headlight remotely.

 Diagnostics of approx. 3000 to 7000 car parts and car fluids

Company cars are often the most neglected. For some larger companies, keeping track of each and every car's status can be an overwhelming task.

ViewCAR simplifies this by tracking each car’s driving patterns and eco-friendliness.

Maintenance is also made simple, as alerts will notify when a car needs maintenance or a fluid replacement.

 Record the parking location automatically as soon as you turn off the engine.

How much time do you waste trying to find where you parked your car? As parking lots have expanded in size, people can spend hours wandering to find their car leading the stress and frustration.

With ViewCAR, track your car to its exact location using the ViewCAR parking system. 

When you reach your car, unlock it using your smartphone for keyless access.

Installing the app is simple. Driver can back-up the existing information before re-installing the ViewCar Application.

1. Download the ViewCAR App

Search ‘viewcar’ in the Google Play app store and download the ViewCAR app (currently only Android compatible).

2. Attach the ViewCAR Device  

Attach the ViewCAR device to the fusebox on the bottom left of the driver’s seat underneath the handle (location may vary by vehicle).

Start the engine. If the engine isn’t turned on, set-up may not be performed properly.

After 30 sec – 2 min., an alarm will alert you that ViewCAR’s diagnostics scanner has been activated.

3. ViewCAR App Set-up

Set-up the ViewCAR app and connect through to the ViewCAR app via Bluetooth

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