Quality Kitchen Knives Worthy of a Chef’s Cuts
Quality Kitchen Knives Worthy of a Chef’s Cuts


Introducing You to Vie Belles’ Reserve Knife Series:

These knives have an almost alien-like durability and sharpness that never seems to go away and that is why Vie Belles Cutlery takes things to a completely different level.  You can tell they are quality just by holding them in your hands. The perfect feel of the handle sharpened the edge, and evenly distributed knife weight make these cutting tools the right tool for any cutting job.

 They slice their way through the toughest ingredients foods, thanks to their precision and sturdy build. The knives have all been tried, tested, and found capable of giving you the best cuts for years to come.

Meet your new kitchen companions:


A True Chef’s Knife Set

8” Chef’s Knife

5.5” Nakiri Knife

7” Santoku Knife

10” Bread Knife

5.5” Utility Knife

All the knives that a chef truly needs for every type of cooking, butchering, filleting, and much more. 

Having been thoroughly tested by Chef Maryam Ghargharechi, Vie Belles' knives managed to win her over completely. 

Ghargharechi spoke highly of the knives saying  "These are truly professional quality, with a balance, sharpness, and function that’s first class all the way. I only use the best in my kitchen and, today, the Reserved Series is what you’ll find there."- Maryam.



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