Video Allies - Kidsafe Youtube!
Video Allies - Kidsafe Youtube!

Video Allies

A democratic jury & community of like-minded parents for age-appropriate Youtube viewing

Video Allies is a safe online community of members who are dedicated to creating safe, appropriate Internet boundaries for their kids. In this modern age, computers offer endless information, resources, and media but it’s far too easy for children to stumble across inappropriate, frightening, and even harmful content. Video Allies comes to the rescue by providing protection worrisome, bad content. Instead of banning sites or networks completely, you can control the quality of content that they are exposed to. This invitation-only community works together to moderate Internet resources and ensure age-appropriate protection so that the Internet can be a safe, positive place for children to connect, learn, and grow.

There are some things online that are too atrocious for us to even speak about them. Violence, sex and complete disregard for human rights and dignity are available with just a few clicks of a mouse and for no cost at all. Our children are constantly exposed to this terrible information and it’s our duty to ensure that they don’t even get a chance to have the option to view anything like that.

We have come up with the ultimate system that will make it possible for the internet to become a truly safe and it works in a way that is much more efficient than anything you have ever seen. This is a human moderated system that will only allow for content that is truly safe for children and that is something that is currently impossible with automated control.

We are asking for your help to bring this amazing services to the general public. We need funding in order to create a massive marketing strategy that will allow us to reach as many people as possible and to also continue to upgrade and develop this powerful tool. Video Allies is always going to be operated with full human control over the kind of content that is allowed in the system and this will be updated on a daily basis. There will always be a very democratic jury behind all the decisions when it comes to the kind of material that is included in the system. There is no need for you to ever feel like there might be inappropriate links available to your children.

By helping fund video allies, you will be supporting a truly bright future for children in the modern world. This is an incredibly necessary monitoring system that will allow children to grow up without being scarred and emotionally damaged for life because they stumbled upon one link on the internet that will ruin their future. It might sound like an exaggeration, but a child’s life can be negatively changed forever because of this.

Together we can ensure that the internet becomes a safe environment for our children at all times.




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