Vibe Bottle Kickstarter 2.0
Vibe Bottle Kickstarter 2.0

This project has already launched.

 - 50 Billion Plastic Bottles were purchased last year alone 
- Only 23% of them were recycled, the rest will lay in landfills for 450 to 1000 years 
- 1 refillable bottle replaces 137 plastic bottles per year 
- Store bought water can cost between $700 and $1500 per person per year at half a gallon per day.



Vibe Bottles can pay for themselves within the first month and and save the earth unneeded stress!!! Yep, it's true! We call this "Vibe Bottle Math". Even though it is recommended the average adult drink 1 gallon per day, let tone it down to a realistic amount, like half a gallon a day (64 oz.) At a half a gallon per day, brand name plastic bottled water adds up to between $600 and $1500 per year! Filtered water, or water bought from a clean water store (Like Water & Wellness) cost's between $100 and $300 per year. A Vibe Bottle ranges from $20 to $40 and has a 1 time replacement warranty. Bottom line, Vibe Bottles are pretty, BPA free, and pay for themselves.

Believe it or not, we replace bottles all the time. Just send us a photo, proof of purchase and cover the shipping costs - or - purchase a new bottle, and we'll send you the a second bottle FREE and cover shipping costs! We love our people and carrying your Vibe Bottle is the best advertising we can get! 


Some of our fans might think we're a big fancy company. Yes we have had some great success but we have only just begun to prove that Vibe Bottle works in the real world. The reality is we're just a couple of parent's who created a great product in a rented basement of their friends house. We have 2 boys and a little girl on the way! This campaign can help us not only evolve and further our little company, but give our family a little room to breathe (maybe even move it out of our apartment into a real office) miracles can happen! Sadly, if we do not hit our mark, we will miss the September launch date and may not be able to release the fall line, or this years Christmas rush. Please help us prevent this from happening by donating and sharing, and if you can't, just send prayers. We thank and love you all so much for getting us this far!!! 
- Brinlie and Zo Peacemaker

PS, please tune in to our Vibe Bottle YouTube channel for updates all September long for how-to-videos, progress video's and more! Also we will be doing Facebook live updates and shares.

Thank you! 

_/\_ Namaste

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