Viala: World's Best Sonic Skin Cleanser & Massager
Viala: World's Best Sonic Skin Cleanser & Massager

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About this project

Silky smooth and clear skin is impossible to achieve without the right tools, and up until today, cleaning your face with a brush was a guessing game. 

You may have asked yourself:

How long should I spend cleaning one area?

Is there one direction that is better than another? 

How do I keep the right balance of cleanser and moisturiser so I don't dry out my skin?

Lucky for you, after two years of scientific research, we finally have the solution to beautiful skin. 


Introducing Viala: The World's Innovative Sonic Skin Cleanser & Massager


Viala uses a soft silicone brush head pair with vibration to extract dirt and oils from deep within in your pores. 

With its smart programmed modes, not only will you know when to move to other areas on your face, the vibration intensity will change as well. 

The brush starts with your t-zone and after 30-seconds of cleansing there, the vibrations will pause indicating it's time to move to the next area on your face.  

After you have moved from your t-zone to the more sensitive areas on your face the brush will pulse every 15-seconds, and after a full minute, it will pulse three times indicating the end of the cleansing cycle. 

Made from silicone, Viala's natural non-slip grip gives you the control you need to focus on those problem areas on your face. 

We have also designed Viala with an ergonomic grip, making sure your wrist and hand won't become tired during use. 

The silicone body is also antimicrobial in nature making Viala cleaner and safer than other facial cleansers. 


When you're finished cleansing your face, remove the exfoliating head and relax a little with a massage. Removable heads not only give Viala expanded functionality, but also makes it easy to clean.

It features three messaging modes - kneading, rolling massage and stroke, relieve discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and legs.

Viala's design makes the cleanser / massager 100% waterproof, so you can relax in the tub with a massage or wash your face right in the shower without the risk of electrical shock. 















Risks and challenges

Currently we lack the capability to produce on a large scale. This is what we are asking for your help. All of our funding so far has gone toward research and development, now it is time for us to ramp up our production efforts.

With your help, we won't experience any delay in shipping because we will be able to boost our production to meet the demand.

Thank you for helping make this project a reality. Our goal is to help people live a healthier and happier life, and by you helping us, you have helped everyone who has backed this campaign and everyone who will purchase Viala at some point.

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