Vets Without Borders - A documentary about restoring hope
Vets Without Borders - A documentary about restoring hope

This project has already launched.

We're filmmakers and animal lovers who were introduced to the amazing work of HANA, the Help-A-Needy-Animal Fund. HANA is a non-profit whose mission is to prevent euthanasia in pets. It is the sad reality that pets are euthanized not due to a poor prognosis or an inability to cure disease, but due to the sometimes insurmountable cost of treating the disease or a lack of care that allows problems to go on for way too long. HANA provides life-saving surgeries and treatments for curable diseases in pets whose owners have no ability to pay for such treatments or for those animals who have been abandoned. These procedures are all offered at no cost. 

Now Dr. Brian Evans and Dr. Greg Bishop, HANA's two principle veterinarians, are embarking on the most dangerous and ambitious house call of their lives. The war on drugs has caused untold violence in northern Mexico, and the country's animals are not spared exposure to it. The cases of gunshot wounds to dogs and cats overwhelm local vet hospitals, often leading to the loss of these beloved pets. Additionally, farmers' livestock and horses are sometimes harmed via threatening tactics from local drug lords looking to gain compliance from the local population. Brian and Greg are going to risk it all to provide the care that's so desperately needed. They know they'll be targets for bad guys everywhere they go, and just hope they can get in, make a difference, and get out safely. To them, the risk is worth the potential for saving countless animals' lives. 


Take, for example, the case of Sunny, a puppy that came to HANA hours away from death with a severe parvo infection. Abandoned by her family, she needed intensive hospitalization and care. Once she was back to full strength, HANA found her a loving forever home.

So how did a filmmaking team get involved with HANA? We were so moved to hear these stories we decided we wanted to help. Being huge animal lovers ourselves, we started talking about how we could best support this amazing work, and get the word out in a big way at the same time. 

Our timing couldn't have been better, as we learned HANA is now planning to head to Mexico with a mobile pet hospital to provide as much free animal health care as possible in 30 days. Their mobile facility is a full surgical unit, capable of handling nearly any type of case.

Their trip will primarily focus on farmers and ranchers in the northern states whose working animals are having serious problems. These ranchers depend on their horses, cows, dogs and other animals for their very survival. However they can't afford the expensive medical care some of them desperately need and the futures of their families often hang in the balance. They've made a plea to HANA to come down and provide help, while there's still time. 

We couldn't think of a better cause to get behind, and we hope you'll help us make this a reality. We are already in talks with (distributors we aren't allowed to name yet) who are interested in this film. That means it has a good chance of getting HANA in front of a huge audience, which is our ultimate goal. Help us promote the amazing work of Dr. Brian and Dr. Greg as they bring their lifesaving skills to those who need it most. 

Risks and challenges

We realize this is an ambitious film to make especially on the very modest budget we're proposing (about a third of what we estimate this should cost to make). However we have assembled a top filmmaking team who have all agreed to work for well below their normal rates because they believe in this project as much as we do. With their support and yours, we can make a film that will inspire people and change the lives of countless animals and those who love and depend on them.

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