Vetorless Films LLC
Vetorless Films LLC

This project has already launched.

Vectorless Films L.L.C. is a Media/Communications company that specializes in Audio/Visual productions on several fronts. As seen above, 3D production, film, esoteric audio recording, music videos, and much more are some of the daily tasks undergone with excellence at Join the skills, vibe, and prosperity the company has to offer as its doors open to the public in a positive direction for itself and the southeast michigan community. The company is now developing into several branches of artistic and creative expressions as the world is now turning into a multimedia future.

Product/Service Details

1. Plenty of jobs to chew on!

The number of jobs and skill in multimedia is vast... i mean endless... and we are currently carrying a large list of them.

360 and VR filming
Audio Recording
Motion Capture
3D Graphic production
Studio photography
Physical media printing
Live Events

Etc. Etc. Etc. Please check out my site for a list services and packages for musicians, marriages, and Business.

Here is the meat and potatoes... check out my use of these skills on a random vid shoot that was unplanned... see what happens.



Traction & Accomplishments

  • Vectorless Films LLC has successfully been in business for 3yrs.
    Vectorless Films LLC has made 20 - 45% increase of total revenue for the past 6 months consistently in growth.
    Vectorless Films LLC has successfully landed contracts with GMAC at their headquarters in downtown Detroit in the beginning of 2017.


How We're Different

Along with being progessive, Vectorless Films L.L.C. is also faith based in artistic expression changing the social climate of urban challenges into an arena of hope, education, and light. Help the company meet these challenges against poverty, crime, and decay. By giving, you offer opportunities and alternatives, along with giving youth a chance at good paying careers and skills.

This is how we are different... money is a type of defense in life... but the ability to help some 1 through it and encourage stability is a spiritual gift that is priceless.


Executive Summary

Problem 1 - Education

Lets get to the root of why things are the way they are... I can remember going to a university and taking film classes... both in community college and Universities even... not only did the classes suck, but the teachers tend to get heavy handed and a little drunk with power... i was hungry... i dug everywhere for knowledge... my first asssignment was full of advanced tricks... and i wanted more... by the time this story ends i had a 4.0 GPA and a handful of mad teachers trying to kick me out of the school. I'm not kidding. The debts that racked up weren't funny either. Atleast 2 teachers came to me several times and asked for help and advice. Then i realized i was teaching myself with my own hunger... i wanted to get advanced as possible and i needed a specialized school. So i'm going to do it right here for me and all the kids in the community who need a chance... and a chance to be themselves.

Problems 2 - Funds

It goes without saying that professional movies with SFX need some real computing power... this power comes with a cost. The price tag for professional equipment is rather massive to be 'pixar' or 'hollywood'. Not only do you need servers with CPU's but a considerable amount of graphics cards (GPU's) are needed also. Green screen rooms, lights, cranes, Jibs, copters, etc. Oh and don't forget those prime lens either. Ok, now we go to the banks. Bank has a million reasons to tell you no. With 1 person to determine this... in a back room.... who will never even see your face much less know anything about your business. This is where you the public come in.



1. Media Production

A State-of-the-art production facility will be built for the audio/visual needs of both clients and a training school for disenfranchised youth in Detroit MI. The facility for Vectorless films will include an SACD studio, 8K movie cameras, green screen, blue screen, accessories, stands, dolly systems, a render farm editing suite, and a room for parallel processing for immense special FX's. A surround sound mastering facility in 7.1, 5.1 and stereoscopic 3D will be constructed along with 3D modeling software for character creation. The ability to produce for self and others will yeild 2 types of income and cause production employment in the community.

2. Cryptocurrency Mining Facility

A moderate amount of people are familiar with bitcoin and mining the coin. Vectorless Films L.L.C. plans to utilize its datacenter to mine several currencies at the same time in proof-of-work cryptocurrencies, and mine in proof-of-stake shares. We currently are involved in a currency which pays 20% montly. With a portion of proceeds used for compound interest, ROI will be 8x's what the principle is in 1 year. Several millionaires have been made because of bitcoin.



3. The Datacenter

A Large portion of computing task for idle/reserve time of servers will go to internet task and jobs that pay. As most people know that advertising and computing needs are essential in todays life, you may already be aware of what a large server room can accomplish. Vectorless Films L.L.C. plans to acquire and use these resources for production and money making across many platforms. A library and lab enviornment for students will be made.

4. The school and training center

As stated, a school for youth is in the works to get students familiar with bleeding edge technology and have a legitimate chance to compete in todays market. By opening up a teaching level of the company, youth can be custome made for greater achievements in multimedia production. This not only gains revenue from tution, but leaves the playing field open for grants and 501c3 initiatives.

Bottom Line

There are several ways to make money here, some statically even (if no jobs showed up tomorrow). Lets make it happen. Help the cause and it will help you. These are actually the laws of the universe. Synchronicity to a bright future is as simple as sayin 'i'm here to help'.


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