Ralavita Versatile Beach Towel
Ralavita Versatile Beach Towel



Not only a towel but a new way of enjoying your adventures

I am proud to introduce you to Ralavita Versatile Beach Towels. Ralavita versatile towel’s idea came to me last year when I visited my sister in Vancouver, Canada and found my niece going through the same struggle as when I was younger. It reminded me of my own experience as a swimmer to carry all kinds of things to the pool and my challenge with finding clean and free changing rooms. I noticed that she and other people at the pool or at the beach were also struggling with carrying a lot of things and trying to keep their valuables such as cellphones and wallets safe and secure. I also noticed the everlasting struggle to find changing rooms that when even available, are either not clean or private enough. Thus, many people elect to change by standing behind a towel, either holding it up themselves with one hand or having someone else hold it up. What a mess! This made me think of one for all purpose kind of towel.

Now, with the Ralavita Versatile Beach Towel, all these problems are things of the past! This multipurpose towel is perfect for everyone. It can turn into a good size bag in a few simple steps. The bag has a built-in waterproof pockets that offers a safe storage space for electronics and other valuable items. This towel is double-layered and creates extra-comfort whether you use it to dry off, cover up, or lie down. You can wear it as a robe to stay cozy and warm. It stays comfortable on your shoulders while changing your clothes and there is no need to hold it. On top of all, given its large size and the placement of its pockets, it can also act as a makeshift changing room much better than any other towel can. Made with 100% organic Turkish bamboo, the Ralavita Versatile Beach Towel is extraordinarily soft and super-absorbent. It dries off quickly, almost as four times more quickly as cotton towels would. Bamboo fibers have natural anti-microbial properties, fighting off bacteria and fungus and keeping your towel odor-free and fresh. Since the bamboo we use is grown without pesticides and it is non-allergenic, the Ralavita is the towel for all people, especially for those who have allergies and skin sensitivities.

In addition, we strongly believe in the footprint cotton industry has on the environment and that is why we chose bamboo fabrics and not cotton. Apart from many benefits it offers, bamboo has much less ravaging impact on environment. Our team is proud of the work that we have out into creating and designing the Ralavita Versatile Beach Towel, and now we want to make it available to everyone and those who prefers fashion, comfort, hygiene and convenience. In addition, we strongly believe in giving back and helping others, therefore we will be donating a portion of all of our profits to Water.org, an American non-profit developmental aid organization providing access to clean water.

The Ralavita team truly appreciates your help in making our project a reality. We worked hard to offer you something you deserve, because you deserve the best. To us, this campaign, before anything else is a way to give back to the community and to show what is possible. We want to continually work on projects that make life easier, happier and more efficient. So, your help is a big step in expanding our vision and to find better solutions and more effective ways of doing things. Thank you for being a supporter and backup our upcoming KICKSTARTER project. We know your multipurpose towel will be a good company in your swimming adventures. We hope you like and enjoy your reward. Please subscribe to our mailing list for Kickstarter launch updates and product news.

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