Verge EDC Pen : A feedback-led, user-focused superior design
Verge EDC Pen : A feedback-led, user-focused superior design

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"Stephen King purportedly wrote 'Dreamcatcher' in longhand — using a Waterman cartridge pen. J. K. Rowling penned 'The Tales of Beedle the Bard' — all 157 pages of it — in longhand, and the leather-bound tome sold for almost $4M at auction. F. Scott Fitzgerald did it, as did Hemingway, Kafka and countless others, each of whom had access to either a typewriter or, later, a computer. They all chose to put pen to paper and see where it took them. This is perhaps the true magic of a pen: It transports us to unexpected places, on wings that require no more than a timely shot of ink to keep them aloft, destination unknown. And in the process, the mindfulness writing engenders encourages calm and creativity." - Nancy Olson, Forbes Magazine ("Three Ways That Handwriting With A Pen Positively Affects Your Brain")

Helping you put ink to paper begins with a well-designed pen that not only gets out of the way when writing, but is also something you're proud to own. To that end, wouldn't we all like to begin on the verge of greatness!

The Verge is the toughest, most ergonomic, minimalist and striking EDC design anywhere. Welcome to Ketalon's 6th Kickstarter!

..and to your best pen yet : a culmination of 12 months of design, 3 pen models, 7 prototypes, and feedback from 5 Kickstarters. It's what you get when the strongest features of the best EDC pens are fused into one high-caliber, dynamite product. The stripped-down, eye-catching, conversation-stopping design is built for one purpose : To outshine and outlast all others.

Heavily user-focused and meticulously engineered, the Verge is designed for compact, lightweight everyday carry. Superior ergonomics ensure it writes like a dream, the bolt action mechanism is fail-proof, the six-shooter barrel is built to impress, and the tough aluminium construction can handle anything you throw at it.

By supporting us, you get 35-50% off regular retail price, a Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer, and you help bring the Verge to life!

More on how writing improves health, memory, intelligence : This NYT article and this Medium article.


You told us your preferences, and we listened. The Verge EDC Pen is a result of obsessing over user feedback, implementing the smallest details, and iterating the design until it screams perfection.

For those who prefer deep pocket carry : We started with a bulky metal pen prototype (Tør), and chopped off its rear end. Common clip screws were discarded. This reduced pocket protrusion from 25mm (one inch) all the way down to a mere 2.9mm (~tenth of an inch), which makes the pen sit deep and secure in your pocket.

For those who like ergonomic, snag-free, smooth bolt action : Starting with a shorter bolt handle used on our previous mini-pen (Länz), the metal was filed away until the remaining domed shape matched the cylinder dia. The result is a simple compact bolt handle that cannot snag on pocket fabric, is ergonomic to operate (see bolt action video below), and smooth to the touch (The bolt will likely be made from one single continuous piece, testing is underway).

And for those drawn to minimalist design with a slim form factor that's pocket-friendly : The polymer Rohk Pen - which is compact but thick - served as the upper limit for dimensions. The rear end cap was thrown out, the rear screw thread removed, and the outer dia chiselled down to a super-comfortable 9.5/10.5mm (segmented). This dia is comparable to normal plastic pen sizes (dimensions below).

Forged tough and built to serve, the Verge is a sentinel in your pocket.


EDC-ers (unofficial term for those who pack an everyday carry setup to handle any situation life throws at 'em) are sometimes forced to leave behind a useful tool due to its bulk. Here, length is a compact 4.5" (115mm), and the outer diameter is 0.39" (10mm). This makes the Verge a regular size for writing, and an unobtrusive pocket pal you can carry daily.



A mild annoyance with pen caps (and twist pens) is they require two hands - not ideal for many of us who are often on the phone or on-the-go.

As for metal click-end pens, they're just alternate versions of their plastic counterparts and carry the risk of accidental inked pockets. Plus, they don't shine enough. No wow = No-go.

Enter the rifle-inspired bolt action system.

What sets the bolt action apart is its lifelong reliability. The simplicity of a single moving part makes it fail-proof. Unlike ordinary pens there are no risks of inked pockets, lost caps, or broken plastic parts. In addition, it can be used with one finger, which is always convenient for quick note-taking (especially handy while on the phone).

Did we mention the addictive, fidget-friendly sound?

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Many metal pens - stylish as they are - can get away with a shiny tube and a decent refill. This still works because the pen is a simple tool and doesn't invite scrutiny. But here at Ketalon HQ, we're a bit obsessive. Making 'higher gear' requires a maniacally detailed approach. For current and previous projects, we researched the hell out of bestselling pen brands, measured them, carried them in pockets, disassembled them repeatedly to check for wear and tear, compared weights and balance. Then we wrote the same sentence over and over with different models, recorded what felt comfortable, what didn't, and what stood out. And we talked to a lot of gear enthusiasts, mostly pen buffs. Then we had a lot of coffee. Results were surprisingly consistent : The refill nib must protrude just enough and not too much (Rollerballs don't work at low angles). Fingers must be less than an inch off the page (Too near or too far, and you sacrifice handwriting). Weight must be kept to a minimum (30g/1 oz limit). The best grips also cater to thick or gloved fingers (Besides, people hold pens very differently). We also learned that people who carry hard-use tools need to feel confidence in their gear. And minimalists, who are very selective, carefully choose items that must serve them in all environments and last forever.

In short, the Verge is a piece of art in your pocket.



The most frequently cited positive of our polymer Rohk Pen was the anti-slip grip. This gives first responders and outdoor users confident gloved grip in cold or wet weather (therefore superb for naked fingers too).



The Verge comes with a universal Parker-style/G2 refill which is used by 90% of ballpoint pens, is made by nearly every brand, and comes in a variety of nib point sizes. This also allows you compatibility with pressurized Fisher Space / RiteintheRain refills that work upside-down, under water etc.

Unlike our previous pens, there is no rear end cap (this makes for very deep pocket carry). The Verge features a unique 'E-groove' as shown below. While the on-off mechanism works just like any other bolt action pen, a third groove allows the bolt to be removed.

When it's time to replace your refill, simply push the bolt down, turn it 90 degrees, and release it. Reverse this action to re-insert with a new refill. After plenty of testing, we found it's impossible to accidentally release the bolt. The 90-degree movement requires a deliberate push-and-twist action that's impossible to replicate when the pen is in your pocket or your bag.

In addition, you may also choose to 'block' the 3rd groove by simply re-positioning the pocket clip. Although unnecessary, it adds a little extra by way of securing the bolt.

Pocket clip : Designed to smash convention, the asymmetric clip is precision-cut from 1mm thick aluminium, hand bent, laser engraved, and polished - it is not something you'll see on any other tool in the world.

Materials and dimensions have been specifically chosen to minimize weight, size, and number of parts. Assembly hardware such as screws and rivets are entirely absent.



The Verge EDC Pen.


This is our sixth campaign, and every effort has been made to provide attractively priced rewards to the amazing backer community here on Kickstarter. We've been able to finance the CNC programming, machining, laser cutting, bead blasting, anodizing and shipping of a few samples. Now we need your help to meet volume requirements, and to bring the Verge to life!

Please note, shipping does not include tracking. This keeps your costs down, however, you may choose to include tracking by adding AUD20 (USD15) to your reward total.

You may also multiply your pledge to get multiples of a particular reward. For example, AUD70 = 3 Verge pens, and AUD140 = 6 pens!



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