Venture Forth
Venture Forth

This project has already launched.

Venture Forth is an autobiographical webcomic about social anxiety, reptiles, oh, and learning how to be an adult

More of Venture Forth can be read online here.

The Project

I started Venture Forth as a webcomic in 2013. I had no idea how to be an adult; I was living alone for the first time in my life, I had just started my first serious relationship, and I finally got my first professional job out of college. I was clueless, but "fake it til' you make it," right?

Four years later, I'm out as a nonbinary person, I'm married, I own a house, and I have a menagerie of cats and reptiles. Venture Forth has been with me for most of my early adult life. Now I'm ready to close that chapter and move onto bigger and better things.

As a send off to the comic, I want to put all of Venture Forth into a printed book! 

The Venture Forth book will be 6"x9", perfect bound, and over 100 pages of content. 

In addition to putting all of the existing content online into one book, I'm also going to add extra pages that will only be available in the purchased digital and physical copies of the book.

Thus so far I have two scripts written. Both fill in some gaps where life got too busy for me to find the time to write and draw comics about what was going on. I have two scripts ready to go right now:

  • My partner getting laid off, me taking a new job, and us getting married all in the same week
  • Coming out as nonbinary. 

More short comics will be added into the book as stretch goals.

Additionally, I am aware that some of my older pages have issues that have bothered me ever since I posted them. For the book I will also be fixing up older pages. Some of my early pages have lettering issues, are too dark to print well, or grammatical errors.


Sticker Sheets: Sticker sheets will be included in all tiers above $30.The campaign is starting with two 6x4 designs, "Foul Flower and Fauna" and "Dice of Destiny". More designs may be unlocked as stretch goals. Sticker sheets will be included in all tiers above $30.

Icon/Bust Commissions: Ainsley will draw a headshot of you, a pet, friend, or favorite character.

Watercolor Commissions: Ainsley will make an 8x10 watercolor painting of you, a pet, friend, or favorite character.

Who Are You? 

That's a fair question given that this is a Kickstarter for an autobio comic. My name is Ainsley Yeager. I'm an artist and graphic designer based out of Seattle. I've been self-publishing books since 2007, including Mystery of La Luna which was a funded project here on Kickstarter.


Tumblr: aainsleyyactual

Twitter: @ainsleyyeager


Stretch Goals

$4750: All grey tones will become blue! For most of "Venture Forth", I shaded the pages with a blue color. The book will now feature all pages in the blue tone instead of grey!

$5000: Third sticker sheet added to all tiers $30 and above.

$5500: A third comic to be added. 

$6000: Fourth sticker sheet added to all tiers $30 and above and a fourth comics to be added. 

More stretch goals will be unlocked as the campaign goes on.


  • Printing: $2000
  • Shipping: $1300
  • Fees and Taxes: $700

Risks and challenges

I have already ran and fulfilled two successful Kickstarter projects. I also have many years experience with self-publishing my own. However, this is my largest project yet. I will be working with a print consultant 
Most of the content for the book is done. The majority of the work I have ahead of me is updating older pages.

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