Velocity-9: A Spaceship Racing Game
Velocity-9: A Spaceship Racing Game

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Fly your ship. Outrun your rivals. Take the planet.

We’re running out of fuel. Only one planet in the galaxy has Glimmer, a newly discovered fuel source, and your faction needs to control it. But so does everyone else, so you’re about to enter the race to end all races. Fly faster than you’ve ever flown, and do whatever it takes to get to that planet first. Because if you win Velocity-9, you win the galaxy.

Velocity-9 is a fast-paced, light strategy action game. As one of six factions, you will roll a specialized D6 and play various Racing cards in order to speed up your ship, slow your opponents down, and block effects they play against you. You will also contend with Cosmic Events that can either help or hinder you, such as wormholes and solar winds. In addition, each faction has two unique advantages and one unique liability, which can turn the tide of the race.

Your goal is to progress down the board, reach Velocity-9, and circle the planet with your ship. Do this before your rivals, and you'll deploy your shield around the planet, claiming control of its fuel for your faction.

  • 1 game board
  • 1 player handbook 
  • 1 specialized D6 
  •  6 ship miniatures 
  •  6 Faction cards 
  •  28 Cosmic Event cards 
  •  70 Racing cards 
  •  16 speed modifier tokens 
  •  12 Faction Advantage tokens 
  •  6 turn tokens 
  •  1 GO token


1. Choose a Faction

Velocity-9 has six playable factions, all with their own histories and personalities. Every faction has two unique abilities and one unique weakness.

2. Configure the Board

Velocity-9's board is modular, allowing you to choose how long a game you would like to play. The Start and Finish segments are required, but each middle section is optional. Place the Racing cards, Cosmic Event cards, and speed modifier tokens next to the board.

3. Ready Racers

Each racer draws a Reaction Time (RT) token to determine play order. Keep the blue side face-up unless you lose a turn, then flip to the red side until turn loss is resolved. The racer who draws the 1 RT token also receives the GO! token, which will be passed to each racer on their turn, as a reminder that they are the active racer. When the Re-Draw RT Tokens / Draw Cosmic Event space is crossed, complete the current round and then redistribute RT tokens to change the playing order.

Deal four Racing cards to each racer. There is no limit to how many you can keep in your hand. Then place your ship in the start area and get ready to race!

4. Go!

Begin a turn by drawing a Racing card. Then choose one of the following: 

  • Roll & resolve the Speed Roll die, then immediately play 1 Racing card 
  •  Play 1 Racing card only (this is typically chosen when racers are unable to move their ship, but they have not lost their turn) 
  •  Play 2 Racing cards instead of rolling the Speed Roll die (only if the racer is capable of movement) 
  •  Roll the Speed Roll die only (you are not obligated to play a Racing card on every turn, and may choose not to play one). 

If you roll a 2, 3, or 4 and apply no modifiers (such as Overdrive or Trash Dump), move forward that many parsecs on the board. If modifiers are applied, add or subtract the values of all current modifiers from the Speed Roll. Then discard the modifier cards and tokens and move the resulting number of spaces. In some cases, this may mean moving backwards!

If, on their Speed Roll, the active racer rolls the Cosmic symbol, they must draw from the Cosmic Event deck and resolve the effects immediately.

5. Win the Race

On reaching Velocity-9, complete a full orbit and then land on the planet at the FINISH line. Each arrow equals 1 space, and the last space is the planet itself. To land and win, you must roll the exact number for the final movement. If you have 3 arrows and the FINISH line left to traverse, a roll of 4 would win the race. If you occupy the final arrow, a roll of 2 will count as a winning move.

Success deploys your shield to block out rival racers. This will stake your faction’s claim on the planet Velocity-9 and its fuel source Glimmer.

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