Vegan Aioli Made from Chickpea Brine
Vegan Aioli Made from Chickpea Brine

This project has already launched.

So my partner, Jonathan Layton, and I decided that we wanted to come up with a plant based Aioli that was just as good as a traditional Aioli, but less fat, cholesterol, no GMO's or animal proteins.

We played around with different nut based milks, but weren't pleased with the taste and wanted a product that was allergy free (nut free). And that's where the aquafaba (chickpea brine or liquid) came into play.
We came up with one of the most creamiest, and fluffiest aioli that I've ever tasted. The taste is unmatched!

After completing the classic recipe, we starting playing with diverse flavors, and the marriage of flavors were even more phenomenal. We currently have 5 flavors which include our classic aioli, black truffle salt aioli, roasted garlic aioli, chipotle aioli, dijon aioli.

Nouveau V has other vegan projects in the pipeline but this is our baby. We plan to have the name trademarked, then have the R&D completed by April and finally have the Aiolis retail ready by the summer.

Thank you for your support, and for supporting cruelty food products. ~ Chef Bev~ #kickstarter

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