VATMAN - On Tap. Anytime. Anywhere.
VATMAN - On Tap. Anytime. Anywhere.

VATMAN™ is a portable, reusable and pressurized beverage dispensing unit. Our patent-pending VATMAN design is made of the highest quality components to offer you a great pour, wherever you are. Simply add plenty of your favorite beverage and slide it into your fridge, take it to the park for a picnic, a tailgate, the beach, on a camping trip or wherever you suspect you might feel a bit thirsty. Plus, it's completely sustainable! Just wash and use again and again.

Our Story

The idea of VATMAN was born in the garage while enjoying a cold beverage or two. We enjoy our beers fresh and poured from a tap. We enjoy the outdoors and like our beer there too. Vatman was built with portability as well as the environment in mind.

Our Inspiration to Move Forward

Currently you will find bottles, cans, growlers and kegs on the market. Once bottles, cans and growlers are opened, they will only stay fresh for a very limited amount of time. The VATMAN will keep your beverage fresh in a similar fashion to kegs, or at least 30 days. 

Bottles, cans and growlers are portable while kegs (in an operating manner) are not.

We wanted to supplement the market with an option that is in between these current industry standards. VATMAN is portable and fresh!

After taking a closer look at the market and where VATMAN could fit in, we pushed ahead with the idea.

Who is it for?

Enjoy craft beer?

Take a VATMAN to your favorite brewery or beverage center to have it filled. Beer never tasted better or had a pour as good as the VATMAN delivers.

Do you homebrew?

We know bottling your beer has a nostalgic value. We won't take that away from you. But we will offer you an easier and more time efficient way to get that next batch straight to your parched lips.

Have a kegerator?

You've got it all set up but do you really want to go to the fridge to pour it with the big game on? Fill your VATMAN and bring the pouring straight to your "coffee table". Or maybe you want to lounge on your deck or poolside. Save yourself those unnecessary trips and bring your beer with you, wherever you go.

Own a brewery?

We believe that the VATMAN will help brewing companies move their crafted beer in a more cost efficient manner while simultaneously pleasing their consumers!

Go Green!

According to, in 2010, there were 100,000 aluminum cans recycled every minute! There is a lot of energy required and pollution produced to do that recycling.   

Also, aluminum cans only have 68% recycled content.  Furthermore, there was more than $1.1 billion in aluminum cans that were wasted. And that's just cans...Check out for more details on bottles and clapping your hands!

Besides the amount of waste being produced, there is also that pesky task of returning bottles and cans to receive your deposit money back. The VATMAN removes that hassle (and stickiness) altogether.

The Specs

Made of Stainless Steel

Weight (empty) : 20 lbs

Capacity: 330 fl oz.

Dimensions: 18.5"L x 10.5" H x 10" W

All components are high quality and built to last. When designing this, we thought of an automobile. Something that is both classy and built to bring you happiness for years and years. 

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