Vasco - 7 Piece Smart Packing Bags
Vasco - 7 Piece Smart Packing Bags

7 most functional bags that will make your trip incredibly easy

Clothes, shoes, makeup, cords for your phone/laptop, headphones, documents, and that does not complete the list of things we take with us when travelling.

How to keep a perfectly organized luggage and not to forget the essentials for traveling when packing so many different things?

Vasco bags are the only solution to the problem! They will allow you to keep your luggage in order and help you quickly find what you need.


 The Clothes bag lets you compactly pack your clothes in a luggage, which will also help save space in the luggage. There are three bags with different sizes (small, medium, large). The bags have a special design that will keep your clothes from getting wrinkled and will keep your belongings in a perfect condition. Unique compression zippers help reduce space in the luggage by 60%.

№ 2 Shoes bag

Your shoes can travel neatly separated from clothes and other things. Special material absorbs odors and kills bacteria.

№ 3 Cosmetic’s bag

Vasco cosmetic's bag compactly encloses personal care products for traveling.  Sometimes we do not have enough space to put all the personal care products we take with us, using the hook found on the inside the bag is easy to place even in the smallest bathroom. Waterproof material will keep moisture from getting in and accumulating in the bag.


When traveling, we often carry a large number of wires, charging devices, headphones, SIM cards, etc. And they often end up in the same bag and get tangled up. With our Electronics bag you no longer need to worry about how to pack the cables, and you won’t have tangled or torn cables from now on. The cables will be easy to pack, to find and to use.


The wallet has a special anti-theft RFID technology. You don't need to search for your ticket, passport or the boarding pass anymore. Now all the travel documents are in one place, and you won’t need to search for them. The bags have a special waterproof fastener that will protect your documents from water and rain.

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