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Uwroteit.com's basic principal is that it is a social media site dedicated to rewarding its members for their creativity and their talent. The new site is meant to be a never endingtalent search for inventors, musicians, singers, models, writers, artists of all types, and talented people in general to display their talents and most importantly win money and gifts to help them further develop and explore those talents.

Uwroteit.com is an ultimate social media site that brings the unlimited resources and possibilities that become available by linking together people from all walks of life and industry. We are a blank slate. Fill us with your talent, hopes and dreams.

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The original idea behind uwroteit.com was that we wanted a place for amateur writers to tell theirs stories. We decided before going live with the original site that there are more ways to tell a story than just writing it down so we opened the idea up to include more than just talented writers

Whatever your talent is we support it!

We don't exclude anyone. If you think you have a talent with fishing, sports, music, art, writing, directing, modeling, acting, makeup, dancing, etc...we want you to have a place to showcase it and have a chance to make a living doing what you love.


  • Uwroteit.com will be the ultimate social media site that actually gives back to its members.
  • This site will allow the members of the site to upload writing (in the form of short stories, poems and or novels), pictures, or video.
  •  There will be a separate writing prize each prize period.
  • The prize will equal one dollar for every member. The site will decide every month the prize amounts based on the previous months memberships.
  • The sites goal is to be able to give away $1,000,000 or more every day to its members!
  • There is no need to wait on your uploads (videos, writing, pictures,art, songs, etc...) to get millions of views before you get cash prizes.
  • Lottery size awards!
  • Only 1 ad space and members receive a portion of the benefits from the ad.
  • You get credit for everything that you post!
  • Build up points in the form of stars that never go away until you eventually win!
  • No need to worry about popular posts getting all of the attention. They can only win once and then they are put into another category for previous winners to allow others a chance to win. Previous winners may only win once every 6 months unless members decide on another period in the forum section.
We will be moving from this previous site and developing one that's more exciting and fun!
We will be moving from this previous site and developing one that's more exciting and fun!
  • The object of the site is to get members to vote on each other's work by giving between 1 and 5 stars per vote. The writing, picture, or video that has the highest number of stars at the end of the day, week, or month will win the prize for that prize period.
  • The more members the more you win! There is no limit to how much you can win!
  • The site will be free for public viewing but only members may vote or upload their work. 
  • The winner will not be allowed to win again for another 6 months for any other project. 
  •  The stars earned on your projects never go away so that everyone has a chance to win however slow or fast they earn stars. 
  •  The members are allowed a say in contests by voting in the forum section of the site where we will announce special contests and giveaways, some to be determined by our members.
  •  As a reward for joining the site all members will be allowed to put in a wish on the wish board for the site. This wish will be something $2000 or less that will help the member or someone they know pursue their artistic dream or talent ranging from a laptop computer to a trip they may have always wanted to take to art supplies or even a camera. 
  •  The wishes will be granted in order and also some randomly being picked from the middle and end of the list. This section will not become active until the site has the membership to support both the regular prizes and also the wish list but members may start signing the list as soon as the site is active.    


  •  There will also be a section for parents to register their kids that will award scholarships that will be given away for kids writing, videos, and pictures of art work etc... The kids site/section will have the same basic rules except that the parents will vote on the kids projects unless the members decide on another judging method. The money awarded as prizes will be deposited in the institution of the parent or guardian's choosing to mature on the child's 18th birthday with all interest going to the child to help cover any expenses for school or other applicable expenses.
  • The future goal of the company is to be able to build facilities that have studios that are fully equipped that any member may use 24 hours a day to help with videos, photos, art, makeup, etc...
  • We plan on becoming a one stop shop for companies and entertainers alike to find new talent. Those that stand out on the site will have the opportunity to work for the site as a site sponsored artist, producer, instructor, etc...
  • This site is meant to be a fun way for people to explore their gifts and talents but also a great way to reward yourself for sharing with the community.
  • Their will be a simple join link that potential members may use at the top of the home page.
  • The membership is $3 a month. The membership is month to month and can be cancelled at any time. 
  • Only members may vote on each others content using a 1 to 5 star system.
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