Utterless Depravity
Utterless Depravity

Our site is up and running! Although we have written our cards, they have been put up for a vote by all of you. You can also submit your own cards to be voted on. This will be a scocially driven game, let the people decide how depraved we get!


Hello Internet People! We have a wonderfully depraved game. If you are:

  • Someone who enjoys laughing with/at your friends;
  • Someone who has a great sense of humor;
  • Someone who is a little bit depraved (be honest);

Be sure to enter your email in the Notify Me! It will only be used by us to notify you when we launch on KICKSTARTER.

We have created a great game for you and your friends to play. The best part is how simple the game is. We wrote 250 "Event Cards", these cards describe something, someone, some action. You split up into teams and players take turns drawing an "Event Card". The goal is to convey the "Event" to your team, and the only real rule is you can't speak.

That's it, it's as simple as that. When it is your turn, you can:

  • Act the "Event" out;
  • Draw the "Event" out;
  • Use props to help you;
  • Use other players as your props;
  • You can do anything your depraved minds can think of;
  • You just can't talk;

At this moment your thinking it kinda sounds like this game or that game. Well it kinda does, except it's actually like the evil spawn of a few games. What makes it so evil and depraved, well to be honest, we wrote the cards. If you knew any of us, you would understand.

We have spent untold hours working on cards that will make you and your friends question your morality. You will hear and do things, that most could never have thought of on their own. Trust me we take pride in this, it was our goal.

Now please understand our goal was to push beyond the comfort zone of other games. This is a game for adults! Adults with a twisted sense of humor. As the "Events" are funny, wrong, offensive, disturbed and so many other adjectives. The key though is it's funny, it's a game, it's meant to make you pause, it's meant for adults!

Pledge $1 - One lucky person will get their very own copy of the game and cause us to lose money! The nice share and tweet buttons, we think should be pushed.

Pledge $5 - So these five backers, although not as lucky as the first guy. Are still getting an unbelievable deal. We think those buttons are calling these five as well.

Pledge $10 - Trust us you are still stealing this game from us. If we had kids we would be telling them your names as we send them to bed without food! Please be great full and press the buttons for our made up kids! Oops one of our team members has kids, sorry girls.

Pledge $15 - Last call for grand theft cards! Buttons, buttons, buttons!

Pledge $20 - The final 100! Well the final 100 to grab only the greatest game (well we think so) at a great deal. Those buttons don't press themselves!

Pledge $25 - So you were trying to kick your Kickstarter addiction and missed the deals. Your consolation is, your helping us get a great game into the world. Oh and you will even get your very own copy.

LOCKED Pledge $40 - A Stretch Goal help us get to $40,000 and we will be able to order our promotional T-Shirts and you will have the option to increase your pledge to snag one for yourself, don't worry you will still get the game.

LOCKED Pledge $40 - Another Stretch Goal, your hard work by clicking buttons will be rewarded at $50,000. We are going to order Pint Glasses with our logo on it for our chocolate milk. Oh do we love our milk, and we know you do as well. When reached change your pledge to get your milk glass, drink up your milk while you sink into depravity with your new game.

LOCKED Pledge $55 - This one will be added when we hit $50,000. For a measly $55, you'll get the game, the T-Shirt and the milk glass.

Pledge $150 - Get yourself a copy of Utterless Depravity. You also get to write a special card that only your will receive. Just a suggestion make a card that puts your buddy in a disturbing event.

Pledge $300 - Not only do you get a copy for yourself. You will get to write a card that everyone will get. Your card will become part of the deck forever. We do reserve the right to refuse/edit your card, we will work with you on this. We can't have a card about your friend, how will the other backers know them?

Our game without your help will be nothing more than a memory of a lot of work for the five of us without your help. Your pledges and your sharing of our project mean so much to us. If we break past our goal, we want to thank you all for the help.

$20,000 - A Successful Campaign

Congratulations you will all be charged on your credit card and you will get your game in the mail ASAP.

$30,000 - By The Backers/For The Backers

A Kickstarter exclusive card, never to be produced again! As a backer you get to submit your card idea, and you all will vote for the best event.

$40,000 - Depraved Threads

We want to get promotional T-Shirts to give out at events, and use for monthly giveaways. Bump up your pledge and grab a shirt that tells the world how depraved you are.

$50,000 - Cool Drink n' Warm Hands

We are moving up in the world. Trust us we are already having a drink to celebrate. It's a shame how cold the bottles are and how quick our drinks are getting warm! Bottle Koozies would help so much. We all want one for us, so we are assuming you all must want one as well.

$60,000 - Chugging Depravity

Help us got some more swag! It only makes sense that we have glasses for um milk, yea milk, one pint of milk. If we get here we are getting the milk glasses, and if you want one you can change your pledge to snag one for your favorite milk!

$80,000 - Mini Deck

Every backer even the lucky one who only spent a dollar will get a mini booster deck that we will never have printed again! "By The Backers/For The Backers" will be rolled into this!

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