Use RFID Label Manage Warehouse
Use RFID Label Manage Warehouse

This project has already launched.

We would like to use the simplest way to solve problems and provide all kinds of different service, meet the requirements of diversity. with rfid label solution improved the level of sales, warehouse management, process of work, maximized the production line.

Firstly let talk about what’s problems exsit traditional warehouse management:
Without RFID management, it’s hard to make sure the quantity of reality correspond to accounts.
The manager of warehouse has heavy workload,high strength work,slow speed and low efficiency.
Error rate is high by manual data records.
Data records put in different account book, it’s hard to check it.
Timeliness and plan for purchasing and predictability is poor.
Why use RFID label to manage warehouse
RFID label applied in warehouse management can improve efficient, saving in labor,at the same time reduce waste and damage, improve company’s competitiveness.RFID label for warehouse management
Different people may have different understanding on inventory,someone may think inventory is redundant products, some others may think it’s storage prepared for next projects. no matter what’s meaning of it, the most important thing is sold out and exchange currency and get the profit. let’s see how to use RFID label to manage the inventory get profit in short time.
According to collect information by rfid, you can have a macroscopic view on total,also can get an idea of the market trend, which product is popular now, should arrange mass production to meet the requirements of the market, on the contrary, some out-date products, you should make plan for sales promotion, or those products in your warehouse would devalue day by day.
RFID label also like a translator.
Think about a manufacturer would produce products all over the world, with different language, and different package requirement, as for warehouse manger, they could not know other language, with so many cartons how do they recognize it and make sure send the right carton to the right freight forwarder? For example, a client ordered 8 cartons blank chip cards half a year ago, and required label should only print “smart card”, so many days past, and so many cartons labeled with “smart card” come in warehouse, some day, the client need ship out “smart card”, which card should they warehouse manager send out? If manager changed, how could they know? What’s if label turns to blurry due to the moist weather? However, if a rfid label stick on carton, just read the UID number or encoded number, the warehouse manager can know clearly which cartons should be sent out.
In a general what’s function of rfid label in warehouse management
1,In-warehouse management
2,management of materials outgoing from storage
3,Forecasting of the market
4,Report form statistics
5,Master inventory information in real time
6,Reduce labor costs
7,Reduce TCO,Improve ROI.

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