UsBidi:The World's Most Intelligent Charger
UsBidi:The World's Most Intelligent Charger

We are all in love with smartphones and tablets. While you get the hottest phone, the number one tech problem remains:  Weak battery life. 

Introducing U-sBidi:The first charging cable that not only doubles the charging speed,But also maximize battery life with healthier, longer-lasting charges,Featuring LED indicator, magnetic ends, durable exterior, and the right length.

Each year our devices get smarter, faster and more intelligent however we keep on using the same charger. A charger that is damaging to our devices, energy wasting and breaks with repeated use. Chargers expensive to replace and are slowly killing our devices batteries through over heating and charging in battery damaging mini-cycles. 

So experts warn us“Don’t leave your fully charged phone plugged in. Lithium-ion batteries can overheat is charged for too long. ” Samsung says “unplug once charge’s complete,” and Apple tells us “remove certain cases during charging”.

But we can’t always follow them, can we?

That’s why we created U-sBidi.


  • FAST/SMART charging modes with touch switch.
  • Auto-unplug preventing damaging, energy wasting overcharging.
  • Magnetic ends for easy storage.
  • USB dongle for use with any cahrger or computer.
  • Attractive design with durable, long-lasting exterior.
  • LED indication for when charging is active and finished.
  • High quality attractive looking materials.

Charging has evolved again with UsBidi, for your phones and tablets.It isn’t available in stores, but you can get one exclusively through our UsBidi

Pledge now and we’ll send you your own U-sBidi. 

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