USA-OK Chairs - Made in USA - Veteran Owned
USA-OK Chairs - Made in USA - Veteran Owned

USA OK Industries is a Chicago-based design start-up. We believe that with the application of design ingenuity we can make affordable, beautiful, high-quality products right here in the Midwest. With this approach in mind we're introducing our inaugural product, a chair made entirely in Chicago, the USA-OK chair.  Importantly, we've done it .. we made a truly comfortable chair within design constraints 

To produce an affordable chair in Chicago, we had to avoid labor-intensive processes that are only practical in low-wage countries. Our solution developed around a process called brake forming, a group of standardized, low-cost operations with which skilled American workers here in Chicago can efficiently cut and form sheet metal into very precise, complex shapes.

The USA-OK Chair is finished with a hard-wearing powder-coat, and is available in a variety of colors. It's excellent for use indoors or outdoors. The USA OK chair has seven easy-to-assemble parts, and can be put together with an ordinary screwdriver. 

What we're going to be offering on our Kickstarter: a few branded items, like an embroidered trucker hat with our logo, a silkscreened art print on acid-free paper, and a laser-cut bottle opener with our trademark cut into it. And of course the product itself. We have several offers, an early-bird edition, sets of 2 and 4 chairs, and options to sponsor a custom color. For stretch goals we're planning on adding a new color for every 25 chairs that backers reserve, and may add in things like special fastener sets, custom colored protective feet (nylon or ABS are standard) or a new t-shirt design for chair backers.

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