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Urbanmuse ArtBook "The Place I Call Home"

Buy a Book. Send a Kid to College


The Place I Call Home by Taylor Ellison, Illustrated by Emily Olson 

A stunning art book written by a fifteen year old boy from Denver, Taylor, in collaboration with an award-winning creative team. The story recalls Taylor’s journey home through a shifting neighborhood and all of the gifts, questions, and people he encounters along the way. Illustrations by Emily Olson and lyrics edited by poets Ayinde Russell and Dominique Ashaheed. 
The art book can used as coffee table art or an inspiring story to read to your kids. 

As the book is sold, 50% of net profits will go toward creating a college fund for Taylor. 


We're about unlocking the voice of a new generation. 


UrbanMuse Media seeks to express urban stories in ways that heal youth and inspire change.


We do this through pairing talented urban youth with an artistic mentor and creative team. The youth and team co-create art that embodies the youth’s story as a compelling and marketable art book, album, or video animation. Part of all profit goes toward creating a college fund for these young artists who would otherwise be unable to pursue higher learning.

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