Upside Down Jacket Joggers: Street Art to Wear
Upside Down Jacket Joggers: Street Art to Wear

This project has already launched.

The simplest way for a person to communicate their personality or lifestyle without speaking is through Fashion. Jackets/outwear (sometimes dresses) seem to be the most common form of this type of expression due to the amount of construction details required to execute each piece. Through extensive research of the Deconstruction/Reconstruction design aesthetic Motorcycles & Mason Jars has developed it's own method of design. This design method allows the brand to incorporate the same construction details oridnarily utilized in outwear into comfortable joggers.  

Just think about it, take a second and ask yourself what sets garments apart from one another. Shirts come in different styles such as t-shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, etc. While jackets come in a wide array of styles such as rain coats, bomber jackets, motorcycles jackets and so on. With trousers you typically have a pair of pants that are normally separated by fabric selection and fit alone. The purpose of this project is to focus on trousers because they are the least personable item within daily wear. 

This project started out as a menswear project alone because Motorcycles & Mason Jars began as a menswear design firm.  Eventually the brand found it necessary to appeal to the female consumer. Throughout this design process womenswear was integrated into it's on category. It's hard, if not impossible to find a more affordable/inventive garment anywhere.

The purpose of this Kickstarter is to cover the remainder of the Manufacturing costs of Motorcycles & Mason Jars signature ‘Upside-Down Jacket Joggers.' The company has invested extensively in the construction on a mobile fashion showroom. The mobile showroom allows the brand to bring it's vision to a larger consumer market and potential retailers. This Kickstarter will also provide Motorcycles & Mason Jars feedback which could be beneficial to the brands growth. 'Feedback is heavily encouraged,'  the brand wants to communicate and learn from the consumer. Please help bring the remainder of this vision to life.

Learn more about our company by viewing the Creative Directors interview with Style Portfolios

 Men's 4-Lapel Moto Jacket Joggers 

 Women's Mulberry 4-panel Moto Jacket Joggers

Women's Mulberry 4-panel Moto Jacket Joggers


 Men's Light Denim Blue Jean Jacket Joggers

 Women Dark Denim Blue Jean Jacket Joggers















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