United Capital Investments A Block-chained Private Equity Portfolio Fund.
United Capital Investments A Block-chained Private Equity Portfolio Fund.

United Capital Investments is a one-stop private equity investment solution. We find solid projects that require extra funding to shift into the next phase. We fund them by selling our own company shares, with a minimum entry of 500 USD. Thus we collect the needed funds faster than collecting one lump sum from Angel investors. Of course, big investors are welcome, as well. You’ll receive frequent dividends if the projects achieve profitability. You can buy/sell your positions on our marketplace in real time. If you want to sell your shares, and walk away at any time, you’re welcome to do that. It all depends on market liquidity. Alternatively, you can wait until our company lists on the stock market, and then liquidity will be better. We are established in St. Nevis & Kitts, due to the simplicity of doing business in that jurisdiction, and the ZERO Tax option. Also, to ensure the privacy of our investors, the Nevis entity is owned by the Mother company located in the Republic Of Georgia, which holds all the shares.
United Capital Investments is: 1. A platform for all levels of investors to invest in solid and sustainable business projects, according to the investor's financial capabilities. They can start with as little as 500 USD, and only the sky is the limit. United Capital Investments will help build & finance hundreds, even thousands, of projects globally, which we find suitable and viable. 2. An equity crowdfunding platform, where the crowd funds the projects, by buying UCI shares, and in its turn UCI will buy shares in the chosen projects. 3. An online platform which is very secure, and respects the privacy of the investors and their tax concerns, by providing our services through the so called Tax Haven Jurisdictions, like Nevis as a start.
Conclusion: A fair and transparent platform for people to invest, earn, and trade their shares when possible. Our diversified portfolio minimizes the risk, and gives more potential to earn dividends and increase the total profitability of the company. We are like a little device that does its best to protect investors from any failed projects, by having many government backed projects. What is more secure than having the government behind you?

The private equity fund aims to provide transparency to investment portfolios with the immutability of a blockchain and the backing of hard assets. Block-chain technology will be used to facilitate and administer the decentralized fund, which includes token purchasing, dividend payouts and many other benefits for investors, like issuing a smart contract based investment, and trading of the assets(shares) over the block-chain.
We are going to be decentralized as much as possible, by accepting several solid crypto-currencies as a payment method, and being established in Nevis, there is no need for a share registry, all we need is the block-chain ledger itself to keep records and log of the operations. Imagine having an investment that is keeping you anonymous and safe-keeps your privacy.
We will have two options:
1 – Is to hold your shares as a crypto-asset under the name of UCICOIN and stay anonymous. 2 – Or to have digitally registered shares and get a shares certificate the classic way.
Option 1 and Option 2 Differences.
The first keeps you anonymous, decentralized, and makes it lot easier to liquidate your assets over the exchanges and the platform itself, plus it is more simple to transfer a crypto-asset than a normal classic asset.
The second is the one that you normally find on other private equity platforms, but with a digital twist, meaning is paperwork free if you opt for the Nevis entity, but if you choose the Georgian entity, then lots of paperwork should be done.
All current liquid sustainable crypto-currencies , like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others.
Or the classic wire transfer

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