UNIQUE, handmade fashion & art
UNIQUE, handmade fashion & art

We paint & create distinctive apparel with HAND embroidered sequins, beads, pearls and authentic Swarovski crystals. And we never make 2 identical items! (plus sizes will also available) 

Greece is suffering for many years and instead of staying inactive and just keep on looking for help, we decided to do something to help ourselves. In fact, we strongly believe that this is the only way we, the Greeks, can defeat crisis and beautify our future: produce something!

So, here we are, asking for your support!
(at least we will do it when our Indiegogo campaign is ready)


We are Maria (Meet me on Facebook) and Aliki (Meet me on Facebook) from Athens and we create UNIQUE shirts, t-shirts, jeans, dresses and shoes that:

  • are hand painted with special fabric paints and dyes in a variety of vivid and intense colors
  • are hand embroidered & decorated with sequins, beads, pearls and high quality original Swarovski crystals
  • are characterized by outstanding quality (they are not the ones you can find everywhere!)
  • have vivid indelible colors that never wash out
  • are machine washable
  • are available in a diversity of sizes: from xxs to xxxxxxxxl
  • (those of them that depict an ancient Greek monument ) are accompanied by a small illustrated book that is prepared by an experienced PhD in classical studies scientist and contains detailed documentation and high quality photos of the original art (statue, painting or monument) & last but not least
  • are indeed UNIQUE! Our special items are accompanied by a certification of uniqueness signed and fingerprinted by the creator. We never make 2 identical items and we also give a written certification of uniqueness. No one in the world will be wearing the same shirt as yours!


Want to learn more?

Visit our pre-campaign web site: www.unique-and-handmade.com

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