Unique 4 You - Apparel created for H.E.R
Unique 4 You - Apparel created for H.E.R

This project has already launched.


You see it everywhere your local clothing store, facebook, and even your television. You've seen it so much you've become numb and complacent to it but deep down you know its wrong. The standard for women's beauty, no matter where you buy your clothing there's always that poster or picture of a photoshop model who's supposed to be beautiful and with the inclination that you should strive to look like her or you're not beautiful. 

ENOUGH! We're pulling the plug, at Unique4you we create apparel for our strong devoted women who know they are beautiful, not by anyone's definition but their own. We hand design, craft, and pack and ship our apparel for you so you know it was made for you to love.

Remember to love yourself.


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