Unipop Jewellery Candles
Unipop Jewellery Candles

This project has already launched.

 Unipop Candles was created just a few months ago by two best friends of 15 years. One half of Unipop Designs (our parent company) Jenny Rollins, lost her vision 5 years ago and so our candle journey began so that she could work on projects that didn't require her eyesight.


After a few months of working on our product range, we now have a solid set of products that we wish to produce, but we have never had the funds to be able to buy candle stock in bulk, and this is the important part where we need your help to be able to set up a proper streamlined product range and keep costs down by buying in bulk and then being able to pass those savings on to your, our dear customers.

Our Facebook group has been highly successful and we have rolled out a website atwww.unipopdesigns.com but because we make our sales in dribs and drabs, we have no chance to get this off the ground properly unless we can kickstart it with a bulk range of wax, scents, glasses and more.

Our Christmas range will be out shortly in small supplies and we would dearly love to expand this and our other standard product lines.

Our Kickstarter Breakdown of $2300 allows the $300 to cover fees etc from backers. The other $2000 has been broken down into the following:

$200 for a stand alone double boiler (we currently double boil on the 4 stove top elements which is a bit of a tight space to work in).

$200 for 2 bags of bulk soy wax which are 22.65kg per bag

$140 for 2 bags of bulk Starburst Palm wax which are 22.65kg per bag

$300 for 10 x 500ml of basic scents (each bottle is about $30) and we would consider getting 1lt bottles in our scents if money permits (these are about $55 each depending on the scent)

$200 to top up wicks, wick stickers, paddle pop sticks (used to center the wick while it is setting) and warning labels

$120 to top up colour block selection. $12 for 10 blocks x a range of 10 colours including basic primary colours to mix out own.

$40 to order 20 tester scents ($2 each) so that we can introduce new natural scents. A lot of our current range is very fruity or floral, so we are looking to introduce some more masculine 'woodsy' type fragrances.

$500 for 288 Candela Metro Glasses XL no Lid which is the glass we now use for our large soy wax candles

$200 in product labelling for our travel tin and metro glass range

$90 for 96 silver travel tins 8oz which is one of our most popular products.

Half of the above costs cover what is needed to complete the project from our backers. The other half is our bulk lot of ingredients needed to kickstart the jewellery candle range in all its glory!

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