Unify Dock for Apple Watch
Unify Dock for Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch should have a place to charge that's as beautiful as the Watch and iPhone themselves. We've put in a lot of late nights to make sure this is the new standard of dock for your Apple Watch and iPhone. Unified design. Unified placement. Unified charging. All of your wearable needs, solved. In one place. We are one of the first Kickstarter campaigns to launch with the actual Apple Watch! You can be sure that Unify Dock fits your Watch perfectly, 42mm or 38mm. 

With Unify Dock we have created an elegant way to display your devices while also providing the following:

  • An additional genuine Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable. Keep the charging cable that came with your Watch in the car, at the office, or in your computer bag so you're never left high and dry without a charge.
  • A low friction Apple® MFi lightning connector. Our connector ensures your iPhone docks and undocks effortlessly. And have confidence that you will be charging and syncing your iPhone though an Apple approved connector.
  • Adjustable phone support. Unify Dock fits iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6 Plus with or without genuine Apple cases and with most third party cases.
  • A single cord to charge both devices. No need to search for double the outlets or double the USB ports We've developed Unify Dock to handle both your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time.
  • Aircraft grade 6061 Aluminum. Don't settle for plastic or bargain basement aluminum alloys. Unify Dock is made from a solid block of billet aluminum with the same finish as the Apple Watch Sport.
  • A product that is designed, machined, and assembled in America.
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