Uncharted Land - New original music by Michael Z. Land
Uncharted Land - New original music by Michael Z. Land

As we were not able to garner enough interest,
this project has been closed on June 15, 2016.

Thank you - to all our followers as long as it lasted!

- -

Have you enjoyed playing the Monkey Island series of games, The Dig or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis? And did you recognize how much of this enjoyment came from the music? Then this project is for you! All the music in these (and many more) games was written/produced by Michael Z. Land, so: let's have some more of this music:

Let's contract Michael Land for composition and recording of more "Michael Land-ish music" - that's the goal.

Where We Are
This fund raiser started as one person's crazy idea on Lucasforums.com, and trickled into reddit. Since then, many readers and game music fans have responded very positively. And even more important, Michael Land has signalled interest as well!
So let's ramp things up, and let us find out how many people would actually support our kickstarter project.

What's next?
Now it's on you! Please leave your email here (top of this page), so we can gauge interest, and keep you in the loop with updates, or, to contact you when we go live on kickstarter!

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