UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary
UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary

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UNBOUNDED will be a feature-length adventure travel documentary following an unaided crew of four as they hike and pack-raft over 1,500 km through the Patagonian Region of South America on a mission for conservation and exploration. The expedition will take place from mid-December, 2016 to mid-April, 2017, documenting the extreme and unique conditions of the trail, as well as the people, cultures, scenery, and conservation efforts in Patagonia and the surrounding areas. The crew will base their expedition along the "Greater Patagonian Trail," trekking it in its entirety until their journey comes to an end in Patagonia National Park.



Our Purpose:     

The film will focus on discovering the indescribable factors that make this region so powerful and mysterious. We wish to learn more about the cultures and histories of the people living in the area and bring to light the incredible beauty of this region - all to raise awareness of the necessity of preserving this untamed but delicate area before it's too late. A significant portion of the film's proceeds will go towards the environmental organization Conservacion Patagonica to help protect this incredibly vast and breathtaking landscape through the creation of National Parks in the region.


Greater Patagonia: 

'Greater Patagonia' is a term coined by Jan Dudeck to describe the trail and its surrounding areas, which start north of Patagonia in Chile and run right into the heart of the region. Jan has come back year after year since 2013 and has developed and mapped the trail out mostly on his own, and it has since become the longest continuous trail in South America. The Greater Patagonian Trail follows a combination of old roads, horse and game trails, footpaths, and rivers through some of the most beautiful, varied scenery in the entire world. 

Jan Dudeck’s goal is to continue the trail right through the Patagonian Andes, ending it at the region's southernmost point. The current trail is made up of 18 sections with a recent addition of 9 more sections, all being between around 35-150 km long. We will begin our trip in Section 1, just outside of the technical boundaries of Patagonia, and attempt to hike the entire distance of the trail to Section 27, where our journey will end at the newly founded Patagonia National Park.

Patagonia National Park currently spans over the Chacabuco Valley around 200,000 acres and upon donation of the neighboring Jeinimeini and Tamango Mountains, the final park will encompass a total of 640,000 acres. The National Park will be one of the most beautiful and sustainable National Parks in the world when it's complete. 

“Patagonia National Park will be the Yellowstone of South America.” -Bruce Babbit (former secretary of the Interior and Governor of Arizona)

Issues that are particularly concerning in Patagonia right now are overgrazing, desertification, and of course, the threat of industrial development as corporations seek to exploit and abuse the natural resources in the area. Challenges like these significantly impact the lives of locals and traditional indigenous peoples in Patagonia, violating their indigenous rights every day. While Conservacion Patagonica has done much to protect large pockets of land in the area, there is much more that we can and must do to better safeguard the rest of this wild ecological gem.

Our goal is to raise enough money and awareness through the distribution of this film to help Conservacion Patagonica finish building a sustainable Patagonia National Park and make it accessible to people around the world.  


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