Umbala Minions
Umbala Minions

Umbala Minions is a game with an unusual story. It is a Wizard-inspired tower defence RPG with a twist for IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Browser and Windows.


If you'd played Plants VS Zombies, it's similar to that but we've changed a lot of game mechanics that will make it even better. 


During the fantasy medieval age, there is a kingdom, named Operus. This kingdom is having it's golden age. The people are happy without worrying anything. But this kingdom's golden age will soon come to an end. The king named Ops made a mistake. He angered a powerful wizard and made the colourful kingdom colourless. 
The king sends out his legion of colourful soldiers to stop the evil wizard. To protect his castle, the Wizard sends his Umbala minions. Their goal is to prevent soldiers to reach the castle while the tower is absorbing all the colours in the kingdom. The future of him is in your hands. 
You will control the Umbala Minions. You are the antagonist. Your goal to protect the castle that is absorbing all the colours of the Operus kingdom. You need to prevent all soldiers whose main goal is to destroy the castle to bring colours back to the kingdom. Do you think you have what it takes to protect the wizard? We'll see. 
We have two types of game modes. The first one is the Endless mode where all the people will attack the castle one by one. You need to attack them base on their colour. You need to match their colour from the colour of the minions. If you didn't attack them with the correct colour, We have different types of characters. Below are the types of characters that will be part of our game.
-Umbala minions
They have different colour powers which will be used to attack the enemies. 

It has 3 layers of colours. Medium speed but has the ability to absorb the wrong colour. The wrong colour will be added to the layers until it becomes impossible to kill. 
The absorber has red, blue and green colours. If you hit it with blue, the monster has now 4 layers of colour namely, red, blue, green and blue. You need to hit it with the correct colour sequence. Concept art to follow. 



It has 1 layer of colour. Medium speed and can only be hit by the right colour.
Two layers of colours. Slow speed because of it's armour. You need to hit it with the correct colour sequence.  Concept art to follow. 

-3 layers of colours. Has two modes: move and defend. Slow speed because of the heavy shield.
-Quack Doctor
one layer of colour. Can buff other characters for more speed. Will only spawn if there's a character in front of him. Concept art to follow. 
-Village Captain
Has 3 villagers in front of him. If the 3 villagers get killed, he will run away. If he is killed, grants extra experience that will be stored in the castle. He makes everything in the platform he's on faster. One layer of colour. Fast speed.
-Color switching Lady
3 layer of colours. Switches colour randomly upon hit, Copies the nearest monster. Medium speed.Concept art to follow. 
-Slime monster
Two layer of colours. If explodes, will create small slime monsters. Concept art to follow. 
smaller slime monster

-Spawns in different colours. Fast speed.
and many more...



We plan to use modern 2D art style suitable for mobile and PC. We want to make sure that the game will be appealing.


Why we need funds?

This is a large project and we need funds to support it. We are just a start up and only supported by a college teacher. We need funds to pay for our bills and also to feed ourselves. We are a group of 10 people who have the same dreams: To create games. 

About us:

Xorcas Games is a small start-up game development company composes of 10 people. We focus on Mobile games but we have a dream to create AAA games in the future. We are dedicated our lives to create quality games for your satisfaction. 
We already have 2 games available for download. Please check them out.

Please visit our website:
This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Xorcas Games
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