UGEARS: Self-moving mechanicals models
UGEARS: Self-moving mechanicals models

Unique mechanical 3d models for self-assembly without glue, made from natural materials.

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How many of us play games on our tablets? It feels as if you pull a cable or twist a handle. While what your finger actually senses, is a smooth touchscreen. What do you think about an idea to actually feel, experience the real mechanics in action?

The project helps people to understand the principles of mechanics through the self-assembly of motion models.

UGEARS realized the idea of modular mechanical models in which everything is real. It is absolutely fascinating to see the true mechanical miracle coming to life in your hands giving you a glorious feeling of creation.

What is a mechanical 3D model UGEARS?

The kit has all you need for assembly: a set of high-quality plywood boards with precisely cutout parts, detailed step-by-step instructions, and additional details. The quality and accuracy of the parts is very high due to a laser cut method we employ.

You need no glue to put UGEARS models together, which makes watching it working and moving even more exciting. You can assemble them at home on the table. All you need is your own hands, patience, and assembly instructions.

We put a special meaning and ideas in each of our models. The Timer ticks away the time. The Tractor rides alone with a busily rattling. The Locomotive is a mechanical embodiment of power and movement. It is not just a construction we wanted to create but a piece of art that will bring the beautiful world of mechanics closer and make it more comprehensible. We give people what they miss – the feel of real motion, real mechanics that they make work by themselves.

Our models will serve you for years, and after that, the constructions can be recycled with no harm to the environment.

   Let's make useful gifts!

Locomotive with tender "UGEARS 460" employs all technical solutions used in the previous models. It looks realistic and very unusual at the same time. Spinning gears, pistons and wheels carry the core and soul of XIX century engineering, the time of a technical competition between the developed countries in steamers’ construction – whose engine is larger, faster, and more powerful. Those days’ locomotives represented the mainstream of technical progress.

This model is available only on Kickstarter and is the largest one, rich for details, so to say «the most fancy» from the entire range of UGEARS mechanical models. At the same time it is very harmonious and pleasant in handling. Every one who see the assembled model comes to the delight of originality and sophistication of the assembly.

This model is available only on Kickstarter; it is the largest one, rich of details, so to say «the fanciest» of the entire range of UGEARS mechanical models. At the same time, it is very comprehensible and agreeable in assembly. Completed, the Locomotive stands out as a truly original piece of mechanics that required diligent assembly work.

Our steamer comes with a very detailed step-by-step colored instructions manual. All details are already cut out and can be easily removed from the board. Firstly, you want to put the smaller parts together to form the large blocks: the wheelbase, body, and gear-wheels – which will altogether complete the whole model.

You are all ready to go now. The engine is started with a lever near the driver's window and picks up speed. The model can run up to a distance of 5 meters. The distance and speed depend on the winding of the rubber band engine.

By installing a locomotive on a flat surface or on the track it's time to connect a tender just with easy click. Tender will lock securely. For easy detaching we designed a separate lever near the coupling.

This complicated and beautiful mechanism made entirely of wooden materials is a very impressive work leaving no one indifferent. After having the assembly completed, put your model on a flat surface or on the track and hook-up the tender. It will be attached securely. To remove the tender use the lever near the coupling.

  • Model is designed for self-assembly without glue. It includes:

    • Model Locomotive, size: 12*3.9*4.9in (315*100*125mm)
    • Model Tender, size: 6.3*3.5*4.5in (160*90*115mm) 
    • + 27in (70 cm) rails stand
    • Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.5in (37*17*4cm)
    • Number of parts: 480

All shipping charges will be collected after the campaign.

Shipping: $13 US / $13 Canada / $13 EU / $23 Rest of World.

Tractor from UGEARS is rattling greetings from the past century. You won’t find any electronics here. The model is using a rubber band motor. It has a transmission switch that provides three options: “park”, “drive” and “sport”. The “Drive” mode will get it going slowly, covering about 5 cm per second. Switch the model to “sport” to see your Tractor speeding up ahead!

 Model is designed for self-assembly without glue.

  • Size Model: 7.9*3.4*5.4in (201*87*137 mm)
  • Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2in (37*17*3 cm)
  • Number of parts: 97

All shipping charges will be collected after the campaign.

Shipping: $7 US / $7 Canada / $7 EU / $20 Rest of World.

20 minutes Timer with an alarm mechanism is one of our most exciting models. If the alarm mechanism is set when the time runs out, you will hear a pleasant sound. The Timer has a special roller pendulum and a lever for amplitude adjustment on its backside. It is powered by the pull of a simple office rubber band. This model went through a great deal of improvements and refinements to become this beautiful piece of machinery that anyone can put together for their delight.

Model for self-assembly without glue.

  • Size Model: 6,8*3,15*10 in (173*80*256mm)
  • Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2in (37*17*3cm)
  • Number of parts: 107

All shipping charges will be collected after the campaign.

Shipping: $10 US / $10 Canada / $10 EU / $20 Rest of World.



In 2014, we joined our efforts to initiate a startup UGEARS ( to create our own production of modular mechanical models in which everything is real. Today we have more than 10 models including “Steam locomotive”, “Tractor”, “Timer”, “Dynamometer”, “Trailer”, “Tram”, “Mechanical Theatre”, “Mechanical box”, “Engine”, and “Safe”. We are continuously working on new designs for the future models.

Denys and Gennady

We are very happy to see that our models are appreciated by people of all ages. They literally unite generations. The girls buy them for their boyfriends; grandchildren get our models to put them together with their grandparents. This is the best way to engage constantly busy dads in playing together with their children.

Our quality control is very strong. It checks every step of the production.


The creative team of UGEARS: Miroslav, Denis, Yuri and Michael.

The creative team of UGEARS: Miroslav, Denis, Yuri and Michael.

Denis: "Everything started with a realization that the time to come up with an idea is now. Our family was expecting a baby and for me it became a “now or never” moment to unlock my potential. The idea came almost immediately, but the implementation stretched out in a long time. When I was a child, I assembled a lot of all kind of models. My childhood hobby has become an inception of an idea. I thought, “Mechanisms have become so tiny. They are hidden so deep inside things that people do not see the whole beauty of rotating gears anymore. What if anybody could get a chance to create a mechanism? I can say for myself that I wouldn’t be able to resist such a temptation.” It took me over two years to make the first mechanism. I tried using many different materials: natural and plastic ones, cardboard, construction foam, etc. Each had its pros and cons. By the time the first viable model was created, my two-years old son was playing with a pile of previous tries. This time was definitely not wasted – it have become a period full of invention of new approaches and technical ideas that are internationally licensed and used in our work now. Having my first-born model completed, I knew I must give an enterprise a spur up. That led to a meeting with the future business partners.”

Gennady: " As they say, men are big children, only their toys are more expensive. For us, our assembly models are not just toys. There is an idea behind each of the model that you will feel in the process of assembly. Elaborate designs with many mechanical parts and gears is something indispensably interesting and spectacular especially in the process of working. In 2014, established a production of mechanical 3D model based in the suburbs of Kyiv, Ukraine. Today we have a team of 20 enthusiastic people. Work is a pleasure for them. They invest their creativity and love in their craft, which you receive in each of the models. We develop and produce unique 3D mechanical constructions from high-quality plywood. The kit has all you need for assembly. What you do not need are any special tools or glue. Due to a high level of accuracy and quality, it is easy to put the details together forming a complete model. One of the no-glue connecting methods we invented and use has an international license."

Why Kickstarter?

This is our first project on Kickstarter. We are a small company. Although our production line is fully established and a lot of amazing mechanisms have already been created. We have over 8 years of experience in the delivery of goods by mail. With your support, we’ll be able to hire more designers and release new models. We have a list of ideas that counts over a 100 new concepts we want to realize and present to you. It takes from two months to a year to design a new model. We believe that crowdfunding is the best way to expand the audience interested in innovational products. Help us to spread the word and share it with your friends.

All we need now is your support!

Production and delivery
All the constructors will be produced and completed in our own manufacture. Be sure to double-check quality. The delivery to our backer will be the most convenient and reliable. Orders for our buyers in the United States and Canada will be shipped from the logistics center in the United States. European orders will be shipped from the distribution center in the EU.
We offer domestic and international tracking. We do not want to lose any orders. Please note that we can not change the value of your rewards in the customs declaration - the value will be announced on the total cost of the models, contained in the delivery. Import tax will not apply to the US and EU countries.

Risks and challenges

What we have:

1) Our own manufacture and many years of experience in business project management. We are confident in our ability to produce constructors and bring joy to all those who supported us. 
2) Experience in supplying and international transportation. 
3) We have a well thought out plan how to proceed after the end of the project. 
4) Our main marketing strategy - it is a sincere passion for technique and love for our work.

Our team is constantly engaged in developing of natural innovative models. This project is an extension of what we have achieved till now. With the help of Kickstarter supporters, we can cross the borders of one country and offer our models in the world.

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