uArm Swift: Your Personal Robotic Assistant
uArm Swift: Your Personal Robotic Assistant

This project has already launched.

It is not only a robotic arm that you can own, but also a chance to decide how you want to involve robot technology in your life. 




High Precision (uArm Swift Pro)

uArm Swift Pro moves quietly, smoothly and accurately enough to handle delicate tasks such as,

  1. Drawing,
  2. Laser engraving,
  3. Light painting.

The uArm Swift Pro has better performance:

  1. Stepper motor with 12-bit encoder,
  2. Repeatability: 0.2mm.


Easy to Use


  • Offline Learning Mode

Simply plug, press and play. “Teach”uArm Swift (Pro) with your hand, without a computer.


  • uArm Studio

It's  the all-in-one software to control uArm .

1. Blockly-based graphical programming


2. Mouse & Keyboard Control

3.Gesture control


  • uArm Play

It's a mobile app for remote control. With built-in Bluetooth module, uArm Swift (Pro) is ready to go.




  • Multiple End-effectors

uArm Swift/uArm Swift Pro have three standard end-effectors to choose from:

Suction cup (default),

Metallic Gripper,

Universal holder.

The standardized plug-in enables you to replace one with another within 30 seconds.

  • Practical accessories - Seeed Grove

uArm Swift/uArm Swift Pro have a built-in socket for selected Seeed Grovemodules.

Currently we offer 6 kinds of Grove modules  in our Grove kit:


  • OpenMV Camera Module

OpenMV Cam supports detection of ​:




Combined with Open MV Cam, uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro will be much more intelligent to finish complex tasks.


Open Source


uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro are open sourced robotic arms, which means its capability depends on your creativity!

  • ROS is supported

All relevant materials will be handy on our website and Github before you get your uArm.


  • uArm Creator Studio (UCS)

It's an open sourced software for developers.

Visual Programming + Coding in Python = Fast Prototype

Try out computer vision easily with drag-and-drop.


Use Cases


  • Bar Tender


  • Smooth Testing

  • Laser Engraving 

  • Light Painting

  • Chess Playing 


Technical Details

uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro are Arduino-powered desktop 4-axis parallel-mechanism robot. Thanks to the parallel-mechanism structure, the whole weight of arm is extremely light. So that we could increase the payload in the front and keep the size of whole robot.

In order to improve the strength of the robot, we choose square aluminum alloys instead of U aluminum alloys, which makes the whole structure not only strong but also light. With the improvement of the structure, the whole size of the robot become smaller but the moving range increased.

For the uArm Swift, we improve the normal RC servos. By adding the temp sensor into the control system, the control system will always protect the DC motor and keep it under the best condition. It's small, powerful and affordable for the beginners.

For the uArm Swift Pro, we choose stepper motor instead of DC motor, which makes the control of robot both smooth and precise. What's more, we paid a lot of attention to the structure of the gearbox. Finally, we find the balance between cost and performance. It's also the key point of the keeping the repeatability of uArm Swift Pro under 0.2mm. It's precise and premium to support higher level of usage.


Tech Specs


Functionality Comparisons


This may help you understand the main differences between uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro. 


The Making of uArm Swift & uArm Swift Pro


We have already made 5 sets of the uArm Swift and uArm Swift Pro. All of them are fully working now and they are undergoing internal testing.

Our next step is to design for manufacturing (DFM) and bill of materials (BOM).

We can't wait to get uArm Swift & uArm Swift Pro to you!




Why we need you

In 2014, we created uArm with the goal of making robotics kits more accessible to the public  (see our previous Kickstarter Campaign), and brought robotic arms from factory to people’s daily life. In the past 2 years, we were truly surprised by the creativity of uArm users. These robot enthusiasts, developers, makers, artists and educators brought not only thousands of possibilities to this open-source robot, but also a huge inspiration to us.  

Two years later, with the goal of making robot useful, we come back. This time, we are more experienced in designing and manufacturing robotics, and we could design the next generation of the robotic arm with much less compromise. It takes us more than half a year to finish the satisfactory prototypes, and then another half a year to make the price really affordable without the compromise of the performance.

We do believe that more people should experience this amazing technology - uArm Swift & uArm Swift Pro, entry level robotic arms that are capable, easy to use, affordable and open source.




What did uArm users say ?


1.  Daisy Inc. from Japan

Created Interactive Installation:“Lazy Arms”


2.  Ben Chaykin, Artist

Created Interactive Art Experience: "Emoji Center"

Emoji Center is an interactive art experience exploring the language of emoji, and emotions conveyed through technology. It is Exhibited at ACT Festival by Benjamin Chaykin at Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea. Visitors to Emoji Center choose an emoji that relates to them, then watch it manifest into the real world.


3.  A Robot Arm Feeds You potato-chips

What will do when you are writing or typing the keyboard, but want to have the snack?

"Hands-free System"

As a creative Created Interactive Advertise Agency, "1-10 works" studio would like to explore futuristic possibilities and they have definitely found a solution for you.




Risks and challenges

In order to deliver the highest quality to every backer and keep uArm Swift series super affordable, we need to redesign the whole manufacturing process, optimise the SAP and apply much higher quality assurance standard than previous version of uArm.  
uArm Swift will be manufactured in Shenzhen, the hub of China’s electronic manufacturing. We guarantee every single component of uArm Swift is made by the most experienced manufacturer. Due to Chinese New Year, the manufacturing will be suspending for couple of weeks. That’s the main reason we will start shipping the uArm Swift from May 2017. 
This is our second crowdfunding campaign and we're more experienced in controlling the whole time schedule!

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