U. S. Sniper. The Saga Begins...
U. S. Sniper. The Saga Begins...

Hello there! My name is Alicia, and I’m an independent video production business owner from Las Vegas. I am working with some talented guys to make a music video to honor military personnel. We have already created other music videos but this is the one we are going to release officially.

We are doing this project without the help of a label or corporate management. Here’s where we need your help to fund part of the expense to create a unique musical piece. Making music videos can be expensive when all the original material is something you create with personal vision, your own resources and creativity.  However, without some financial support it's challenging to continue making videos that you won’t see anywhere else.  My video will bring a fresh presentation of original music and a story viewable by all age groups. 

I'm asking for $2,500 which does not cover half of the total production costs between film permits from Clark County Film Permit, Nevada Film (state office) and incidentals, we have to source additional funds.

All the materials used in the music video are all original. We hope to provide free entertainment to all online viewers.

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