Tylio - Bring your content to life with Smart Pages.
Tylio - Bring your content to life with Smart Pages.

What does it do?

Tylio is an online platform to generate Smart Pages, auto-designed and self-constructed by our patent-pending technology. They are stylishly built from media you provide and can instantly be shared with anybody. No code, no templates. 

Why do we need it?

To gain visibility by creating stunning multimedia Web pages from user-generated content, in seconds.
To save time and money by controlling the process of creating and distributing your content, without any coding skills.

Who is it for?

Any user who has an interest in creating and distributing content without putting too much time or money. It can be for personal or professional reasons (startups, small businesses, content marketers, community managers…).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Tylio is an easy to use tool supported by a strong patent-pending technology. By instantly generating Web pages from the content provided by the user, Tylio stands out by abolishing templates and by offering instantaneous custom designs.

Our landing page now allows to pre-register for the alpha phase. Sign up now!

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