HELLLOOO, I'm right here! Twifing less. Adoring more.
HELLLOOO, I'm right here! Twifing less. Adoring more.

Tired of dating someone who's always twifing (twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, facebook just to name a few), so are millions around the world. Meet twifless! 

Twifing is such a major problem that Zoosk, an online dating app, came out with a Public Service Announcement! 

Twifless is the first and only matchmaking dating app based on interests, hobbies, and most importantly social media usage.


Twifless Q & A

  • What is your niche? We use a "twifometer" algorithm that will compare the interests and hobbies between individuals with emphasis on time spent on social media. 
  • Are you like Tinder? Well, yes and no. We also offer instant proximity dating...you may receive random photos of singles in your area for instant connection. You click on that party and if he/she is interested you can instantly chat online!  
  • Can you give an example on how the twifometer works? Sure we can. Take for example you checked all the boxes containing your interests and hobbies, now you check the dropdown box on the twifometer...if you're comfortable with someone who's online an average 5 hours a day you can select that, but if you prefer to be matched to someone who spends less than an hour online, you can request that too! It's that simple, we do the rest for compatibility.





Our Goals

Our goals are very simple:

  • First and foremost we want to provide romantic opportunities with hopes of a long term commitment.
  • We want to use the funding to continue to build an organic base of individuals via Marketing.
  • We want to continue to expand and maintain our footing/technical knowledge among the digital dating world.
  • Lastly, we want to raise enough money to run a commercial during the NFL Super Bowl LI (51) on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. OK OK OK, you can stop laughing now...there is nothing wrong with dreaming big.


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