Tunerockit is the first collective crowd owned music label. Get a personal music assistant suggesting new music for you each month and artists get paid 90% of the income generated from their sales. Tunerockit was an idea started from the Conscious Music Project with a goal of bringing more music to the world and more money into the pockets of the artists that worked so hard to create it. We recognize that systems like iTunes, while initially helpful to the industry, are poor examples of supporting small artists, with an average payout of 10% by the time it reaches the artist.

My name is Isaac Horton and I have been working in internet commerce for over 15 years, but like many artists, that is my day job and my night job is music. Im part of a Duo called Original Medicine, and we are currently working on our first album, so I have a keen interest in learning the ropes of how to succeed as an artist.

The problem is simple, the music industry has become scattered and impersonal. We take for granted that artists dont get paid and for the most part, the world doesnt seem to care. But we do. We care about music and finding great music. We choose to bridge the gap between fans and artists and our product lines are simple for consumers. 10 songs that are selected for you based on your personal preferences each month. 1 song every 3 days. And more than that, tunerockit is a new platform for artists to host their music, videos, merchandise and their entire EPK for free. That's why Tunerockit is designed to be your favorite destination for music on the internet.

Truly a crowd sourced concept, tunerockit is the first collectively owned record label of its kind, bringing together new forms of consumable music to the world and paying artists and owners more in the process.


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