TT8 - The Best Wooden Multi-Functional Turntable
TT8 - The Best Wooden Multi-Functional Turntable

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The resurgence of music on vinyl is happening, and you definitely don't wanna miss out on TT8, a new series of turntable in retro wooden style.

Turntable- Walnut; Loudspeaker- Teak; Subwoofer- Oak.
Turntable- Walnut; Loudspeaker- Teak; Subwoofer- Oak.


A TT8 turntable integrates retro aesthetics and multi-functional amplifier together in one minimalistic turntable, bringing the elegance of wood and pure sound quality not only to vinyl listeners, but to all music lovers. 


Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or WiFi is included in TT8. We want to assure that even without a Vinyl record, you can easily stream your favorite music to TT8 from various devices.

By hooking TT8 up to the separated, exclusive 2.1 channel stereo speakers, you are ready to enjoy home theatre experiences.


Since we launched MIN7 last year on Kickstarter, it has been an amazing experience seeing how our products are beautifully integrated into our customers’ home interior collections.

Joined solid wood is the key to the exterior design of TT8 and the exclusive 2.1 channel speakers. More than just a single pattern, multiple wood panels of 2-3 cm width create visual effects of layers. Additionally, our tweeter is coupled to a horn structure, adding dimensions to the outer design.


After several tests, the slender shape of the final prototype matches perfectly with the extra 2+1 speakers, for all the edges are of the same radius.  

TT8 standard set - Teak
TT8 standard set - Teak


TT8's amplifier can connect your own loudspeaker or you can use the minfort loudspeaker set. (standard set or deluxe set)
Two Class D amplifier / 50W for main channel / 100W for sub-woofer

Oak wood
Oak wood


In terms of wireless connection, TT8 connects via Bluetooth or Wifi to devices such as smartphones and tablets. How does it work? 

WiFi - Airplay : Connect your device to TT8's WIFI signal, and you could play any music on TT8 from the device. Support 24bit/192kHz.

Bluetooth : Simply turn on the Bluetooth of your device, and pair with TT8.

RCA OUT : With RCA output, you can use TT8 as a multi-functional player and connect it to your own amplifier. 

RCA IN : Connect TT8 to your CD or DVD player.

OPT IN :  Connect TT8 to PS4 or Xbox one by using Optical in. 
USB player : Play your MP3, WAV or FLAC file by plugging in the USB. Support 24bit/192kHz.


 In order to engineer the best sound and support up to 24bit/192kHz resolution (High-Resolution Audio), TT8 is equipped with

- Amplifier board TDA7492 & TDA7498, reaching 400W RMS - Digital audio receiver CS8416- Digital/analog converter (DAC) system CS4398- Low-noise dual operational amplifier JRC5532

Embedded with a built-in amplifier, every TT8 turntable can be connected to our exclusive 2.1 channel speakers or any other passive speakers.

Our speaker drivers expert with over 20 years of experience specially designed a 1” silk dome tweeter, 4” paper cone woofer, and 5.25” subwoofer to deliver the best transition from low to high frequencies. 

The cones on the woofers are made of paper and wool fibers. The cone paper forming technique is between pressed cone and semi-pressed cone to achieve better sound quality. The polypropylene cone subwoofer has low distortion. It is injection-molded with rubber, which yields a high strength bond between the cone and its surroundings.


Passive8 loudspeakers - Walnut
Passive8 loudspeakers - Walnut


PS525 subwoofer - Oak
PS525 subwoofer - Oak



The thickness of wood in each product. 

TT8 - 0.354 inch (9mm)
P8 - 0.59 inch (15mm)
PS525 - 0.59 inch (15mm)
FS8 - 0.59 inch (15mm)

Decorate your living space with wooden features. Choose one out of the best 3 kinds of wood.

  • Teak (Reddish-Yellow)
    Noble wood from the Southeast Asia. It has high tensile strength, high oil content, and tight grain, which all contribute to making it durable and highly weather-resistant. It is an excellent choice for solid wood cabinet.
  • Walnut (Chocolate Brown)
    Its grain is usually straight, but becomes wavy toward the roots. Its color can vary from dull brown to rich purplish-brown. It is decay resistant and holds its shape well. It is therefore a top choice for furniture and a highly prized wood.
  • Oak (Whitish)
    Heavy, strong, light colored hardwood with mostly straight-grain. It takes finish beautifully. Classic coarse texture and very durable. It is valued for its strength and resiliency.
Walnut , Teak , Oak
Walnut , Teak , Oak


SubWoofer- Teak, Speakers - Oak,  TT8 - walnut
SubWoofer- Teak, Speakers - Oak, TT8 - walnut


 The video combines footage of TT8 playing vinyl records or playing music via Bluetooth/WIFI. Recorded on location, showing the real sound of TT8. 





Specifications of TT8 multi-functional turntable :

● 18.1 x 14.2 x 3.1 inch (46 x 36 x 8 cm)
● 16.8 lb (7.6 kg)
● Belt Drive 
● DC Motor Speed
● 33 1/3, 45 RPM 
● Wow and Flutter 0.15% 
● Signal-to-Noise Ratio 75dB 
● Platter : Aluminium 
● Diameter of Platter 30 cm 
● Replaceable Audio Technica AT3600L
● Two Class D amplifier / 50W for main channel / 100W for sub-woofer
● Bluetooth
● WiFi - Airplay
● Optical , Coax 
● RCA IN x 1
● RCA OUT x 1 
● USB player - mp3, wav, flac

Specifications of Passive 8 Speakers: 

● 5.1 x 7.4 x 9.4 inch (13 x 19 x 24 cm)
● 13.2 lb (6kg)
● 1” silk dome tweeter 
● 4” paper cone woofer 
● Max. power: 45W 
● Sensitivity: 88dB
● Frequency response: 75 Hz~20kHz

Specifications of PS525 Subwoofer:

● 8.9 x 9.4 x 6.3 inch (23 x 24 x 16 cm)
● 13.2 lb (6kg)
● 5.25’’paper cone subwoofer 
● Max. power: 100W 
● Frequency response: 45 Hz ~ 150Hz 

 Specifications of FS8

● 5.1 x 37 x 6.2 inch (13 x 94 x 16 cm)
● 33 lb (15kg)
● 1” silk dome tweeter 
● 4” paper cone woofer x 2
● Max. power: 60W 
● Sensitivity: 88dB 
● Frequency response: 60 Hz~20kHz



Left to right : Oak, teak, walnut
Left to right : Oak, teak, walnut














Minfort was formed, in Taiwan, by a group of music-loving friends who made it our mission to develop a speaker that could deliver a sound so natural and pure that audiences would immediately be immersed in an environment as atmospheric as nature. Our goal is to craft well-designed, high-quality speakers that are accessible to all.

TT8 won 2017 Golden Pin Design Award.

About the award:

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Risks and challenges

Every TT8 turntable or speaker is handmade and the wood figure within each piece may vary.

We have completed product development, tested our prototypes & sample units and maintained a strong production network prior to the Kickstarter campaign.

We understand that there are certain risks associated with manufacturing and logistics. With our previous successful experience in the delivery of MIN7 within 4 months, this time, we are confident that we will deliver the product on time with high quality. 
* The delivery cost varies depending on where backers are based. It is calculated based on pricing offered by the delivery agency.

Should there be any uncontrollable factor contributing to delays, we will keep you, our awesome backers, up to date!

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