Trumphobia Documentary
Trumphobia Documentary

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Trumphobia is an expository and observational documentary about the effect of Trump’s rhetoric and political ideas on his advocates and opponents. Through formal interviews, cinema verite style, archival footage and infographics the film shows how controversial Trump’s campaign, election process and his first six months as President was. It takes a look at the hate crimes related to his election, and follows the stories of people who have experienced fear during this time, due to personal threats or simply wondering what could happen to the country in the future. It provides a compelling description of Trump’s supporters, along with the people who are most affected by Trump’s policies. Behind facts and personal stories, it shows how a large part of the country is highly divided, and the terrible consequences that could result. People on one side were too comfortable to realize what was going on around them. Millions on the other side hid their thoughts because they were afraid of being judged. Now the first ones are terrified and the second ones have an authority figure that raises their voices, and this is just the beginning of four years to come.
It is an independent feature documentary (approximately 60 minutes), filmed in full HD with the camera Canon C300, and it’s produced with the collaboration of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. The forms of distribution will be film festivals, local screenings and the main objective is to sell to video on demand platforms like Amazon and Itunes, ad supported platforms like Hulu and subscription supporter platforms like Netflix. The first screening for family, friends and special guests like you is going to be at Warner Brothers studios (Los Angeles, CA), theater 12 on September 19th! (This is not the actual premiere, but a special preview event).

Trumphobia is currently in the state of production, we started back in November right after the elections and, due to the urgency of the topic, we decided to film right away the protests that were occurring after Trump got elected. We had the support of the New York Film Academy immediately and after filming those first events we decided to develop the story of the documentary. We had the basic idea and with that we went on our first trip along the East Coast with the goal of analyzing the fear environment and the excitement as well, knowing that afterwards we were going to come back to Los Angeles and develop the concept more. Thus, the documentary was in pre-production and production simultaneously. At the moment, we already filmed enough to create the story, but we promised ourselves to keep on filming and analyzing until July 2017, those are the first 6 months of Trump’s presidency and the period that we chose to investigate. During June we are trying to get the funds necessary to complete the film and we are going to finish filming. In July, we are going to dedicate full-time to post-production, especially editing, even though along the way of production we have started editing the interviews to know what we need to shoot. In July as well, we are going to start the graphic design of the animation and in August we are going to start the motion graphics animation. In September, we should have the picture lock and we are going to do color correction and post-production sound. Hopefully, in July as well we are going to begin the music composition, so it will be ready in two months for post-sound production. Ideally, by September 15th, 2017, the film will be finished completely.

To know more about our team, the people that participates in the film and about the project, visit our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.



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