TRUMP YOU! and HILL YEAH! Card Games
TRUMP YOU! and HILL YEAH! Card Games

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New Card Games Put the “Party” in Bipartisan Humor gives us “TRUMP YOU!TM” and “HILL YEAH!TM” card games, are a modern-day spin off of the beloved “Old Maid” card game.

August, 2016 - Phoenix, AZ announced the release of TRUMP YOU! TM and HILL YEAH! TM unique, fun and humorous collectible card games that commemorate the most dramatic presidential election in U.S. history.

With a combination of a love of humor, politics, and working on projects at breakneck speeds with fellow entrepreneurs, has crafted a card game for all ages to enjoy. Regardless of your position on the political establishment, the status quo in Washington, your confidence in large corporations, the news media, financial industry, free trade or immigration, this game is for you!

Given the unconventional approaches and distinctively unique styles of the 2016 Republican and Democratic candidates, TRUMP YOU! TM and HILL YEAH! TM capitalize on the core beliefs of the company’s team members; that humor is disarming, everyone should be well informed politically, and that we all ought to cherish living in the greatest country in the world where anyone can live the entrepreneurial dream.

“Our creators are tireless entrepreneurs who love to laugh, dream and enjoy being surrounded by their smart, creative, and driven teammates. I am thrilled to be a part of this team and to share this fun and creative game with others”, says team member, Jamie Seeker.

Arizona State University (ASU) biomedical engineering student and team member Patrick McFarland shared, “Our team is comprised of a variety of driven dreamers whose skills and experiences genuinely compliment one another and we look forward to getting to market very soon.” has designed three (3) unique card decks: 1) TRUMP YOU! TM Made in USAversion, 2) TRUMP YOU! TM Made in China? version and, 3) HILL YEAH! TM Made in USA version. Decks include iconic images synonymous with 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

To learn more about, contact Randy at (480) 772-0892, or

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