Trump Pencil Sharpener with Putin Pencil
Trump Pencil Sharpener with Putin Pencil

This project has already launched.

Trump combo Pencil Sharpener/Paperweight/Pen Holder with Purin Pencil. The idea seems to have hit the funny bone with my family and friends. Includes a Putin Pencil and also functions as a paperweight. This sharpener will have a hole huuuge enough to hold anything from pencils to standard Sharpie markers (Ouch!) 

We will Include a removable metal tray that is inserted into a hole in the platform which catches your pencil shrapnel, as seen in my Kickstarter demo.  

It is my hope that this satirical, humorous piece will bring a smile to all sides of the political spectrum. The reaction thus far has really surprised me and I am truly grateful to have brightened the day of so many of you with this product.  

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