Tropic- The Ultimate Travel Shoe
Tropic- The Ultimate Travel Shoe

This project has already launched.

To enhance our performance, move faster and go farther, man has invented a lot of special kinds of footwear: sneakers, climbing shoes, heavy-duty hiking boots, aqua shoes, sandals etc. But all too often this footwear is so specialized that we are forced to sacrifice on comfort and convenience or it will be a problem at the time of packing for the next big adventure. 


The 3D materials adapt to you, breath and let the water go through, absorbing as little as possible. We have partnered with Cosmo Fabrics, and use their materials and patented treatments, like Agion® and Combat™.

Cosmo is a revolutionary performance and marketing-based textiles and composites, all done in an environmentally responsible mode and vegan friendly. The diverse product line is designed and styled in the USA, yet either manufactured in their own plants in Southeast Asia or in the USA.

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