Trojan Sip!
Trojan Sip!

About this project

Hey folks, my name's Kerim and I'm a promoter, marketer and manager for prestigious London-based members clubs. I'm actively involved in the community I work in, and in collaboration with a Doctor and expert in the field of nutrition, founded Trojan - a new premium drink that helps maintain an active lifestyle and uncompromising spirit. The drink has been extensively refined with a major UK beverage consultancy. 

Product Summary

Trojan is a fun, super-healthy energy drink made of organic herbal extracts, vitamins and natural stimulant, currently available in natural passion-fruit flavour. It can be enjoyed as a standalone drink or as a liquor mixer. The peppiness will offer a newer experience for consumers both day and night.

Although Trojan has the potential to replace traditional energy drinks in the after-hours market, it also has far wider implications than just a party drink. The product offers active consumers a hyper-hydrating and refreshing drink that lends to all times of the day - morning workout, caffeine replacement, nightlife.  

Why Trojan?

Simple: Because there's more to this little drink than meets the eye ;)

Market Opportunity

There is a blind spot between health drinks and the after-hours market. It currently means RedBull. Trojan fills the gap where active consumers are looking for a healthy alternative whilst maintaining a techy, innovative and sexy option.

From a consumers point of view

  • You are health conscious but continue to drink RedBull
  • Although youth markets chose healthy options in the day, they drink RedBull with alcohol in the evenings
  • Existing soft drinks weren't designed to be mixers and don't taste ideal with alcohol - Trojan was designed from the ground up to mix with a range of spirits and still taste great
  • Other energy drinks have a sense chemical - not only does Trojan give you pep, but helps you maintain better spirit compared to substitute drinks

Funding Goal and Use of Funds

Upon raising the funds with KickStarter, I will manufacture approximately 10,000 bottles with a UK based bottler that specialises in small batch production. I will use the batch to continue continue distributing Trojan to the best clubs in London. The product will be available in the market by 1st December 15.

This is an early marketing and buzz building initiative including social media endorsements and even celebrity sightings. After this initial batch is sold out, I plan to fund further production from the revenue the business generates.

Of the remaining initial funds, £2k will go towards improving the launch event target date Nov 30, 2015. The aim of the launch event is to showcase Trojan to taste-makers, trend-setters and key industry partners in London, and of course, all our loyal fans and advocates.  There will be an open bar, all the Trojan you can drink, a chief to know up great grub to help mop up all the booze, and special DJ providing live entertainment. 

Remaining + Overfunds: The KickStarter funds are not only a vital step to help produce the first large batch of product, but make the daily routine and cost of running the business less of a struggle. Any over-funding I achieve will pay to manufacture more product and expand the businesses intellectual property database.

Out with the old... In with the new!
Out with the old... In with the new!

So Far

After nearly a year of R&D, I have bottled up the first small batch and started consumer testing Trojan in the after-hours market. Trojan also previewed as the main drinks sponsor for theKristian Aadnevik show at London Fashion Week 2015 (Sept 20), alongside brand leadersMoet & Chandon and VOSS Water. Trojan has received some early stage PR and positive consumer feedback. I have invested approximately £7.5k to date.

Trojan™ alongside industry leader VOSS Water
Trojan™ alongside industry leader VOSS Water

A better world

Why pledge to help me expand Trojan? I started this project to help my own community thrive,  but after developing the product I realised there was an opportunity to not only improve my own community, but the wider world.

  • Trojan's all-natural (and delicious!) formula actively promotes better health! Only 5% of energy drinks come in the lowest calorie group. Each Trojan bottle (250ml) measures just 49 calories - which is in the lowest calorie group defined by UK regulation.
  • Better community - By ensuring Trojan is readily available where active consumers need it, we ensure they have the healthiest option on hand, all times of the day. Unlike other organic energy drink options that are generally only available in pharmacies and health food stores, Trojan is promoted when are where you need it most.
  • Better country! - Trojan not only boosts it's local community, but the wider UK economy. As the business grows and expands, we want to create jobs, opportunities for other people and boost traditional UK industries like manufacturing.

With your help we can show showcase Trojan as an example of rapid innovation and creating prosperity from within.

Why Me?

I love promoting and I do it for a living. Through my experience as a marketer for the best London-based members clubs, I have developed a unique insight into the beverage industry and have direct experience promoting beverage brands. I am able to demonstrate a brands value through experience led events and can shape the Trojan brand around its target audience. 

Risks and challenges

After our awesome KickStarters help us raise the capital and get Trojans bottled up, one main challenge is the competition for placement space. Mega brands dominate the market.

Our plan is to bypass this issue by initially side-stepping the retail market and developing the product exclusively in the after-hours market. This way will also help me better understand and validate price points, as well as expectations and effectiveness of the product. This model enables Trojan to retain control over brand messaging and consumer experience during its initial launch and early adoption.

The second challenge is a marketing budget. Mega brands have multi-million dollar marketing budgets for advertising, events, celebrity endorsements...

However, Trojan is small, nimble and flexible. We live in the age of social media. The key to trojan is the focus on maximising the marketing value of the product itself. Through my experience, I have a direct skill-set in brand and social media strategies that encourage consumers to play the product advocate role.

Finally, no project can be done alone, and Trojan is no exception. Informal advisers to the business include two friends; Alan - previously marketing and communications @ Apple, and Doug - agency owner and marketer for beverage brands including Anheuser Busch, Tanqueray Ten, Absolute Vodka and more...

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