Trofeo TwinFold Wallet
Trofeo TwinFold Wallet

Made from Lamborghini seat material and designed for those of us who need more than a minimalist wallet.


Introducing the Trofeo TwinFold Wallet, inspired by supercar design and using the same materials found in Lamborghini, Maserati, and Porsche interiors.

The white leather accent is designed to mirror the side air intake vent on the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Stradale and is made of high quality (and real) leather.

The TwinFold is a bi-fold wallet, allowing the operator to neatly organize cards and cash.



The wallet will be made available on Kickstarter shortly. Please input your email address in the NOTIFY ME box above to receive an email when the project launches.



Trofeo sources the best materials from across the globe and proudly manufactures products in the USA.



After over a year of testing and protytyping with different materials, we decided on a soft, durable synthetic suede. Due to its high performance characteristics, this material is both expensive and rare.



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